For decade’s business of all sizes have benefited from the core traits that athletes bring to a corporate team. The athlete-candidate’s sports experience can provide hiring managers predictions of future performance. The athlete’s traits also contribute to the synergies of a winning business team.

So what do corporations desire that athletes bring to the table?


Through athletic team membership, most athletes become very familiar with the experience of working toward group goals. Team experiences teach the goals of the organization come first before egos and personal goals.


Athletes need to maintain a high level of discipline to achieve their goals. They must effectively organize their time, adhere to strict schedules and give maximum effort on a regular basis. The athlete must possess inner self-drive and concentrate energies, screening out competing priorities to be successful.


Competitive passion is the lifeblood of collegiate and professional athletes. Athletes gain experience in the rigors of winning and losing and they look forward to the opportunity to fight more battles, further test their abilities and consistently “test their metal” against tough opposition.  – run on


Athletes have had to maintain a demanding schedule during their collegiate and/or professional sports career including extracurricular activities, student organizations, social functions and a full academic load. Athletes must balance a full-time academic workload, commitment to athletics including travel to competitions.


Athletes are tested by both success and failures and when they fail, they get back up and try again. Anyone who competes in sports cannot avoid the experience of failure. Athletes learn to face failure, remain positive and press on.


Athletes must believe in their own ability to produce effectively under pressure even when the odds are heavily stacked against them. The ability to approach tough performance situations with optimism is crucial. Athletes practice maintaining self-confidence, especially under tense circumstances.


Athletes work long and hard toward distant rewards and have the ability to give their maximum effort whenever necessary. Athletes continually need to perform under adverse circumstance. They believe that the intensity of effort, sufficient preparation and determination will eventually pay off.


Athletes develop the ability to concentrate their energies and attention over an extended period of time. Athletes also gain the ability to block out distractions while they proceed toward their goals.


Athletes have a bond to their team which is expressed in the willingness to support team efforts under any circumstances. Loyalty contributes to the morale of a team as it enables each team member to trust that others are working toward the same ends.


The athlete’s performance on the field is watched closely and receives constant criticism on their performance. Coaches recommend changes and develop athletes to cope with the feeling that they need to continually develop themselves to higher levels of performance. Athletes are coachable and take direction well. They are good listeners and see constructive criticism as invaluable to achieving their goal.

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