It's all about the barge on Saturday night.
It’s all about the barge on Saturday night.

In NASCAR, the biggest event of the season is the first event: the Daytona 500. Around these parts, we’re hoping that’s not the case. For fans of the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions, the Great Lakes Classic has been touted (tongue-in-cheek) as “the biggest game of the year.” As the 2014 NFL preseason kicks off Saturday night at Ford Field, we take this brief moment to display the trophy (yes, there’s actually a trophy for this) and the unofficial theme song.

With the first full week of August under our belts, here’s what we liked and shared this week.

NexGoal’s summer keeps rolling with more successes. We were proud to announce another placement of an athlete-candidate with a new client.

Keeping future athlete-candidates in mind, we’ve started a quick series of tips on preparing for life after sports, in particular, your post-athletic career. Our first installment focuses on gaining experience while you’re a competitive athlete.

The Build Network had a great feature on the “Look-Up Line”, a $500, 40-in. stripe that has been installed in 225 rinks in the United States to warn hockey players to look up before they smash into the boards. But the real story is in the perseverance behind the line and selling it to a reluctant audience.

Job seekers have been warned about their social media presence. This lesson is trickling down to high school students, as was the case of this NCAA recruit.

Not only is this advice great for dream jobs, but the five tips shared in this post from The Muse are a great strategy for any job seeker.

Really, we aren’t getting a kickback from Google+, but here are some more tips on tightening (or creating) your profile, courtesy of Entrepreneur magazine.

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