We start this week’s edition of what we liked and shared with this video courtesy of Mental Floss. If you’ve ever felt a little klutzy or awkward, we hope this helped. Now that your self-esteemed has been boosted, we’ll get on with the really useful content.

Another installment of our “Be Prepared” plan for athletes is how to start networking. We shared a few tips in our blog this week.

For all the sales professionals out there – or those with sales experience – some great resume advice from recruiter Jordan Greenburg on how to highlight your experience for recruiters and hiring managers.

Employee EngagementIf you still don’t think employer branding and tossing your company’s fate strictly in the hands of an ATS system aren’t problems, think again. SmartRecruiter shared this infographic which might make you think again.

Is it really a skill shortage? If employers are going to take on an average of 25 days to fill a position, chances are they’ll lose the top candidates to other positions.

LinkHumans recently conducted a poll on how candidates felt being recruited for jobs via Facebook. This infographic may solidify some your thoughts on crossing that particular social media line, and how candidates use the medium to scout potential employers.

Listening to music – a motivational tool athletes have been using for decades. Carry that over to your job interview, according to a recent study by The Society For Personality And Social Psychology.

The NFL Players Association posted a story about players gaining experience during and after their playing careers.

Some good advice on starting a job search from Jobmob – although it is aimed towards introverts, the reminders are good for anyone, especially number four.

Business blogger Brian Solis focused on the latest results from workforce engagement studies in a recent post.

Interested in getting your start in medical sales? We’ve added two account executive roles with a Cleveland-based company this week. We’ve got opportunities still available with a Columbus-based construction company, looking to add Estimators and Directors of Construction.



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