NexGoal intern Nate Myeroff should be thankful: some of us were the mascot as interns...
NexGoal intern Nate Myeroff should be thankful: some of us were the mascot as interns…

“Super Splash Day” or “Drizzlefest 2014?” Either way, NexGoal spent a soggy day out at the local ballpark. We also shared and liked some great content this week.

A Cornell University study found that participating in sports paid off in the form of being better employees. (Kind of why we exist.) Read the article in Athletic Business, with a link to the study.

Last week, the Fordyce Letter featured the results of a recent recruiting survey. Tighten those driving gloves, candidates, you’re in control.

Check out some of these “visually pleasing” resume designs, shared by BuzzFeed

“There’s an app for that.” How about an app for whether or not you’re a good fit for a company’s culture?

McDonalds is facing a lawsuit from employees in New York. How this lawsuit could affect franchising, via Entrepreneur Magazine.

Some more tips on tightening up your LinkedIn profile so recruiters will find you, courtesy of Social Talent.

If you’re planning on lining up a job in the fall, you need to be looking now. Here are some hints from The Ladders.

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