Everyone's smiling except you Baxter. #GrumpyCat
Everyone’s smiling except you Baxter. #GrumpyCat

We’ve hit the middle of summer: the MLB All-Star game was this week and your local department stores have set up Back to School product displays. With a good six weeks left until Labor Day, here are a few of the items we liked and shared on social media:

Don’t Panic: You may have read the book or played the game “Worst Case Scenario.” The Ladders added fuel to the nerve-wrecking process, but also added tips on how to handle interview emergencies.

Bust Out The Red Pen: You’ve heard “it isn’t the quantity, it’s the quality” and the same holds true in this post from Talent Zoo on the length of your resume – and not just for attention-span purposes.

Best Foot Forward: At NexGoal we know what our athlete-candidates have to offer. Here are some more characteristics that CEOs look for employees.

Best Skate Forward: Last week we bragged about a recent placement with one of our corporate clients. A post on “When in Doubt, Glass and Out” reaffirms the intangibles that athletes (in particular hockey players, per this article) have to offer employers.

Pop Quiz: Do you like LinkedIn Publisher? Have some of the posts awoken your inner-troll? Are you a little bitter that LinkedIn ditched some features in favor of this one? Let us know: we have a five-point quiz and we’re curious to see if we’re alone on the island.

Big Fan Of The Ostrich Pillow: Another fun post from BuzzFeed that you may want to send anonymously to your purchasing department.

Don’t Knock It Till You Try It: This week we took a look at three online venues for job seekers to check out: about.me, vizualize.me and yes, Google+.

If you haven’t uploaded your resume to our website, take a moment to do that as well. NexGoal works with a variety of industries, placing our top, driven candidates in a host of roles.

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