Connect with NexGoal on all of these platforms.
Connect with NexGoal on all of these platforms.

We’ve been held hostage for a few days this week in social and regular media here in Cleveland, but we powered through and found some great content to share on social media.

The phone interview. Usually the first step, sometimes a repeated step. Some advice from Talent Zoo on how to put yourself in an ideal position during the phone interview.

Clicking the “Connect” button. Most of us will admit that LinkedIn is where we do the bulk of our networking. The Daily Muse posted some advice on how to continue to conversation after the first invitation, in-mail.

An alternative to starting a business from scratch: franchising. You can still engage your entrepreneurial spirit through franchising, and next week PAFI (Professional Athletes Franchise Initiative) will host their annual Franchise Summit.

Resist the urge to walk up and shake them by the shoulders! Talent Zoo has some tips on how to deal with unprofessional co-workers.

Compartmentalizing is a good thing. Don’t be overwhelmed by the job search process, instead break it down into three stages.

Be On Top Of Your Game. At all times. This infograph from Social Talent breaks down the power of first impressions.

Remember to keep an eye on our job board. Take a moment to read about one of our latest successes, a former collegiate and professional hockey player that we placed with one of our established clients. Some great lessons in taking advantage of the offseason and always working to build up your resume, even while in competition.

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