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We continued our advice on setting up your LinkedIn profile with some tips on the top quarter, including your name, photo, and title.

“Like the traffic jam, ADT (attention deficit trait) is an artifact of modern life. It is brought on by the demands on our time and attention that have exploded over the past two decades. As our minds fill with noise—feckless synaptic events signifying nothing—the brain gradually loses its capacity to attend fully and thoroughly to anything.” Learn more about ADT in this article in the latest edition of Our Corporate Life.

The “candidate experience” also includes those who did not get the job. Via Social Talent, why the “candidate experience” of those not hired is just as important and can affect future hiring and your employer brand.

Everyone loves a list, including The Build Network contributor Geoffrey James whose list gave one thing about everything you need to know for work.

Content might be king, but have we hit overload? Steve Tobak’s article in Entrepreneur asks the reader to think twice about becoming a blogger.

Earlier this year we posted a video from ABC News’ 20/20 on fake resumes. Andy Headworth with Sirona Consulting posed the question “How Many LinkedIn Impostors Are You Connected To?”

As an interviewer or an interviewee, do you agree with this study?

We’re in the market for roofing sales representatives for the Pittsburgh and Newark areas. If you’re a young professional looking to start your career with a successful construction company, check out the job description. Don’t forget: you can always upload your resume for future consideration.


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