Mike Stone (L) of PAFI and Kevin Dahl (R) at the NHL Alumni Symposium.
Mike Stone (L) of PAFI and Kevin Dahl (R) at the NHL Alumni Symposium.

Co-Owner Kevin Dahl joined several others this week at the NHL Alumni BreakAway Career and Education Symposium. Pictured with Michael Stone, the head of PAFI (The Professional Athlete Franchise Initiative), the two talked about franchising as a business opportunity as a post-hockey career.

Here’s what we liked and shared this week…

The candidate experience – yep we’re still concerned with that. This infographic, courtesy of Laura Montini, offers some advice on how not to lose your ‘dream candidates.’

What’s wrong with active candidates? Nothing, especially if you consider the great points made by Veronica Scrimshaw in this post.

JM Consulting posted this piece about four challenges for HR departments face – its a great thing to consider for both candidates and recruiters alike.

Chronic stress isn’t something to take lightly – and this piece from NPR’s Morning Edition offers advice on how not to ‘sweat the small stuff.’

(Start humming “Man In the Mirror” by Michael Jackson) You know its time to make that big career change – but are you ready. Talent Zoo’s Hallie Crawford has some advice.

Your comfortable clothes shouldn’t make any of your co-workers uncomfortable.” This and more solid advice courtesy of TLNT.com on work dress codes.


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