You’ve got to give it to human kind: as times evolve, so does the job market. Courtesy of Mental Floss, a list of jobs that no longer exist. After about the first 15, I’m thankful.


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This post from Kris Dunn on The HR Capitalist, “They Didn’t Suck: 5 Rules For Saying Why You Got Fired or Left Your Last Job...” #BestThingIveReadInAWhile

Lisa Frank points out in a post on The Talent Zoo that while you may be ready to make a big career changed there are four main points you need to consider. What are you willing to sacrifice?

A cautionary tale for candidates and employers alike on offer letters, from the Fordyce Letter.

A couple months ago there were rumblings of a popular dating website starting a platform for job seekers. Coming your way: BeLinked.

We’ve known this for a while, but Fistful of Talent provided a reminder.

Courtesy of The Muse, a great format for writing cover letters. You’ve been told to curtail the resume for the position – you should do the same with the cover letter.

Our very own Kevin Dahl will be speaking at the NHL Alumni BreakAway Career and Education Symposium next week in Toronto.

So you’ve checked out our job board and nothing seems to be in your wheelhouse? Upload your resume for future opportunities – we’ve worked with a variety of corporate clients in a wide range of industries all across the United States.

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