Not sure this is probably the best video to start with – our intentions each week and each day on social media are good – but a little food for thought. (Or we can spin this as “you should be networking one-on-one more than spending time on social media.” Yep, that sounds good.)

Here’s what we liked and shared this week in social media…

Rob Mosley says “The “work harder” response is about as effective as a football coach standing under the goal post and yelling out the score to his team.” Read more in his post on coaching your employees.

Hey – another list. Although this was geared towards marketers in Talent Zoo, Emily Griebel’s list seems like a good fit for anyone starting a career – or maintaining one.

Lately we’ve seen a lot of great posts on better interview questions that we could be asking. Courtesy of TLNT, we really like the potential in this question.

Recruiters and hiring managers see everyone as “passive candidates” on paper. From the Wall Street Journal, some advice on how to handle a phone call regardless of your status.

25% of workers don’t trust their employers? “This lack of trust in the workplace is a big deal, and is leading more than a quarter of U.S. employees to say they intend to seek new employment in the next year.” Read more in this piece from Michelle Smith.

“It’s tempting to attribute the increase to legalization. However, Washington only legalized the sale in July, and, in both states, positive tests increased from 2011 to 2012, prior to legalization.” Read more about the rise in positive drug test results since 2003 in job applicants.

Courtesy of five more tips for resumes – but in a cool infographic.

There’s more than nine ways to make a bad decision, but here’s a list of nine ways to make a bad decision

Our LinkedIn advice series concluded with how athlete-candidates can complete their profiles, especially where experience is lacking.

Some more LinkedIn advice, for those currently employed: preparing for a layoff? Five Tips via Joe Hertvik on prepping your profile while you’re in limbo.

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