At NexGoal, we admire athlete entrepreneurs. This week, one of hockey’s most successful entered the news cycle. Here’s what you need to know about Gilbert “Tim” Horton.


Here’s the rest of what we liked and shared this week in social media.

A good psychopath? Authors Andy McNab and Kevin Dutton explore this character in their latest book, “The Good Psychopath’s Guide To Success” and discussed the idea with NPR.

Some great advice from The Undercover Recruiter, courtesy of John Murphy who relays seven ways we can quit hijacking our goals.

Part one of the “Not Definitive, But This Works” advice on setting up your LinkedIn profile from NexGoal.

And while you are at it, where do you stand on Google? How to set up a Google+ Account.

Crystal Wittman notes that while a working relationship may be ending, it may not be a permanent situation. More advice on keeping former employees in the hopper for future opportunities.

Dr. John Sullivan dispels the myth of refusing to hire overqualified candidates on

Lost in translation? Well, cynically…

We shared a video from The Undercover Recruiter on some resume tips, but the Business Insider shared a list of 33 words/phrases to leave off your resume. Quick rule of thumb: unless you can prove it, explain it, or back it up, don’t include it on your resume.

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