Welcome to the first installment of WWL&STW of November. As always, we try to bring you the best of whats around. This week we have a little bit of everything including some science that supports the theory that athletes make stronger employees (and we certainly agree!). Here’s what we have for you #ICYMI (In Case You Missed It):

– We at NexGoal feel athletes posses some core traits that seperate them from the average job candidate. Hard work, dedication, team and goal focused mentality are just a few of the skills athletes (successful ones especially) have engrained in their brains in order to be successful within the athletic arena. Another aspect is the ability to measure that success on small levels in order to gauge progress towards the ultimate end goal (new best time, time cut, championship, etc.). Science has developed a way to help shine some light on what makes this possible uniquely within the athletic community.

– Being a recruiter can provide the opportunity to earn a very profitable living, if done properly. However, there are many that refuse to use their time to its fullest potential. Here’s how to avoid some of the biggest mistakes unsuccessful recruiters make.

– One way to inspire change within your organization is to hire candidates who are achievers. By doing so, you increase your company’s ability to adapt to change.

– Recruiters: Ever had an excellent opportunity that just doesn’t get any traction on job boards? It’s an opportunity most people would be very happy to have, but still no luck getting folks interested? It might be all in the job’s description.

– Ever try to put together the perfect candidate? If it was a math equation it might look something like Experience+Drive/Determination+Work Ethic+Cultural Fit=Ideal Candidate. Here’s a fun graphic on how the folks over at Undercover Recruiter view it.

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