Another week has come and gone, but we’re still here bringing you the brightest and best the inter-webs have to offer. This week, as we do every week, we have a fresh batch of what’s what in the Recruiting world. So without further delay, here’s What We Liked & Shared This Week:

– Webster defines a Career as follows: Career (noun): an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. That pretty well sums up the basics of what a career is, but how does one get to a level where they can consider a job a career. Well, there are a few ways to kill that progress dead in it’s tracks that you should avoid when building yours.

– Sticking with the career focus, they all must start somewhere. Either right out of college or through a switch in companies/focus, careers typically start at one common starting gate: The Job Search. Some may argue that it’s the most vital of all the career steps one must make, as a result, it is pretty common for things to go south at some point in the process (especially for those who are new to or long removed from it).

– Obviously one of the biggest aspects of our focus here at NexGoal is the former athlete. How do you get from playing field to corner office and what will happen on that journey in between? We also understand that the trials and tribulations of being an athlete are part of what shapes each of us into who we are today as former athletes. Former hockey pro, Kurtis Dulle, has shared some of his fondest memories from his days as a hockey player and how they have shaped him today.

– A happy employee is a hard working employee and a disgruntled employee is not an employee for much longer. There are some very good reasons for many office policies and procedures. However, some are a bit outdated or overused. Here are a few rules/policies that will send your employees running for the door.

– When your on the job hunt, the traditional methods of careerbuilder, monster and other job sites can be great ways to start the process. However, when you have exhausted your resources with regards to those avenues to the point where your stuck playing Candy Crush or Clash of Clans on your smartphone instead of searching, it might be time to switch it up. No need to out down that smartphone though, it could be your most valuable tool with the latest job searching apps and programs available.

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