BOO! Happy Halloween from the folks here at NexGoal! Don’t be frightened, What We Liked & Shared This Week is back for another week bringing you the latest in career advice, job market outlooks, tips and tricks and much more!

– Fear of public speaking? Don’t fret, you’re far from alone. Millions of people rate public speaking as one of their greatest fears. What about talking to a complete stranger? More or less scary than a room full of people? For some, it’s even worse. But why? Having a conversation is one of the easiest things we as humans can do, it’s a skill we all learned the day we blurted out “momma” or “dada”. Not convienced? Here’s a few tips that might help you conquer your fear of conversation.

– Working with a recruiter to find the next step in your career? We at NexGoal think that’s a great idea. However, you have to remember that the recruiter is your partner in the process. Just as you aren’t required to take a job they offer you, they aren’t required to offer it to you. When working with a recruiter, make sure you Follow These 9 Steps to avoid creating a toxic relationship.

– With the economy seemingly on the upswing and the unemployment rate dropping as a result, finding top talent to fill vacant positions will become more and more difficult for HR professionals. Moving forward, there are some Serious Challenges Facing HR and their approach to recruitment.

– Staying with the recruitment theme, there are many ways to go about finding and identifying experienced talent. There are all sorts of avenues in the recruiters aresnal, but none of which are as powerful as the almighty world wide web. Here are some Tips For Screening Candidates online.

– Waste Not, Want Not. Same goes for your prescious time, whether it be personally or professionally, life is too short to waste time on things that deter you from your goals. Find yourself wasting too much time during your day? Here’s some simple tips to help improve your productivity.

Performace reviews can be a delicate subject. The timing, location and delievery of feedback can all affect the receptiveness of the message given. There are some less than effective tactics that can turn a learning experience into a downward spiral for someones career.

– Bruce Dickinson (played by Christopher Walken, on SNL) once said, “you can never have too much cowbell!” Well, we here at NexGoal feel like you can never have too much Interview Advice!

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