After a week hiatus, our What We Liked & Shared This Week piece has returned. A lot has happened over the last two weeks and as always we have come across some very useful and insightful information that we think everyone should check out!

– What do your prom date and potential business partners have in common? A lot more than you probably think! Tips on how to find and close on your own purple squirrel.

– Have you ever wanted to be the boss? Think you have all the right ideas if only you had the chance? What would you do if you got to be CEO for a day?

– When it comes to resume writing, there are many schools of thought. How many pages should I have? What key words should I use? How should I format it? The answer is simple and complicated all at once: there is no right answer. However, there are a few things you may want to avoid when applying for jobs via Applicant Tracking Systems.

– Too often in the professional world, employees are limited by the descriptions of their roles rather than by the bounds of their talent. LinkedIn provided an interesting piece on finding and attracting incredible talent and utilizing them to their fullest potential.

– Also from LinkedIn, a piece on quitting your job. Giving notice, being professional and completing your tasks as required are some of the things you SHOULD do, but how about some of the things you SHOULDN’T do?

– Interviews are commonly view as an employer evaluating a potential employee and rightfully so. However, interviews are also the employee’s first opportunity to interact with and evaluate their potential employer. Here’s some tips on what to look for in spotting a bad boss.

Social media is becoming more and more prevelant as a tool in the recruiting tool box. Don’t think so? Many recruiters would beg to differ!

– As we move further into Q4, the trend is that hiring slows and job options become hard to come by heading into the new year, right? Not so fast, says Matt Ferguson, CEO of

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