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It’s a short work week full of national holidays here at NexGoal, but we still found some interesting things that we liked and shared. Here’s a quick roundup:

More network coaching: The Daily Muse gave us two little words for networking last week. This week: tips on how to network in social setting without being a “total creeper.

A Young Country: In honor of Canada Day (which wasn’t a thing until 1982?) we shared this article from Mental Floss – the rejected Canadian Flag submissions.

Is This One Of Those “Horse Before The Cart” Situations? Take a step back in your job search and look for the employer first, then the position?

But Will He Do Wheelies?: NexGoal co-owner Brad Mullins will be participating in the inaugural VeloSano Bike To Cure, raising funds to support the Cleveland Clinic’s cancer research.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The term “job hopping” can be a good thing, or a bad thing. Is there a definitive answer?

The Candidate’s Experience: If you’re not watching the #RecHangout Google+ hangouts every other Wednesday, you’re missing out. Check out the latest episode, as well as the previous editions.

Don’t Forget: NexGoal has posted personal bests in placements over the last two months. We continue to work with our corporate clients,  placing the top athlete-candidates in their open roles. Why not you? Check out the opportunities, or upload your resume to our database for future consideration.

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