What The Next Generation Of Job Seekers Is Looking For

Here at NexGoal we have been fortunate to host a slew of great interns over the years. This summer we had the pleasure of working with two interns: Erin Laird and Paul Gassman. Both Erin and Paul assisted our recruiting team as in business development and research tasks. As the duo prepares to head back to college in the coming weeks we wanted to pick their brains about their career preparations.

Although their job search is still a couple years away, their perspective on the impending job search is something for future job seekers and employers can benefit from. Check out their answers below:

When looking for an opportunity (internship/job) what are three main things you consider?

Erin Laird: Three things I consider are: Culture/atmosphere of the office, Job requirements/responsibilities and Location.

Paul Gassman: The three main things I consider when looking for a job will be location, salary and culture.

How do you primarily look for opportunities?

EL: I primarily look for opportunities through LinkedIn or other websites with job postings. I also use word of mouth through connections or even through family or friends. My university (Loyola University Chicago) offers a mentorship program so I am able to network through my mentor.

PG: I primarily look for opportunities through my network and plan to continue doing so in the future.

What type of boss would you prefer to work for?

EL: I prefer to work for a boss that is well organized and knowledgeable of the market so they can become a teacher throughout the internship or job. I also prefer to work for a boss that trusts me and my work.

PG: I would prefer to work for a boss who understands his/her field and trusts his/her employees to do their jobs.

Do you use social media as a way to help your search?

EL: I primarily use LinkedIn to help my search. I do not have an Instagram and even though I do have a Facebook, I do not use that for job searches.

PG: Social media is a great platform for expanding your networking and learning about new opportunities. I have not used it very much, but I plan to more so when the job search begins.

How active are you on LinkedIn?

EL: I am usually on my LinkedIn every other week. However, when I am actively looking for a job, I am on LinkedIn weekly.

PG: I am not very active on LinkedIn.

Even though you don’t graduate for a couple of years, how are you preparing for the impending job search?

EL: To prepare for the impending job search, every summer I try to build my resume with a new internship or job. I also make sure I am going to my school’s career fairs and networking events to practice my skills and grow my professional network.

PG: Preparing for the impending job search has become a combination of working towards graduation and building a resume to make myself a more marketable candidate.

Looking ahead, what is your ideal first job?

EL: My ideal first job is one where there is room to grow and learn exactly where and what I would like to do. Like I said before, the culture of a company or office is very important to me so I would love if my first job had a positive atmosphere within the office so I will feel comfortable to learn from those around me.

PG: My ideal first job would be in the field that I am looking to get into, but on a smaller scale, so I can gain the necessary experience before moving onto a more stable career.

Wrap Up

College students around the nation are wrapping up their summer internships and jobs as they prepare to head back to campus for the upcoming school year. Before you know it, there will be another batch of recent grads looking for jobs in their respective fields. What better way to understand what the next generation of job seekers will prioritize in the job search than hearing from them directly?

Thanks to Erin and Paul for their hard work this summer! Connect with them on LinkedIn here: Erin Laird and Paul Gassman.

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