Using Technology To Keep Your Remote Teams Engaged

With the increase in employees operating remotely across the country, there is a substantial need for new technologies and innovations to upkeep productivity. The rise of Zoom was just one example of a platform that presented a quick solution to many organizations’ biggest fears.

Thanks to these technologies, companies are beginning to open new positions that start on a remote basis (some even permanently). Just this past week, I spoke with a prospective client who was forced to transition all their Sales Representative positions from the traditional ‘in-person’ model to a phone and web-based model. Despite this unfortunate circumstance, there is still an opportunity for his company and sales team to expand courtesy of decreased travel expenses and increased time at hand. 

Are you struggling to maintain team chemistry and attract top candidates to your job listings? Our friends at Nexxt recently dived into a few of the top tech-based tools leading the way. We review contributor Julie Shenkman’s top examples below:

Talent Recruitment

Are you extending your best effort when it comes to collecting visibility amidst the remote workforce? In developing an effective talent recruitment strategy, Julie strongly advises using a reliable recruitment marketing resource for your posting and promoting. Top examples include LinkedIn/LinkedIn Recruiter, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Hootsuite, Workforce, and more.

According to a recent U.S. technology research survey, the number of employees permanently working from home is set to double globally. Gone are the days of shying away from remote employees due to a fear of a lack of control. Julie believes using an online job site will help the right candidates discover your employer profile. “No matter their location, it lets them learn more about your company and its culture. That being said, it’s important to post as much valuable information about the open positions and your company within the job listing as possible, without it becoming information overloaded. You will want to make sure that the position clearly states it is open to remote employees applying.”

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding a new remote hire can be quite a challenge, but technological advances continue to ease the process. With an increased level of communication and resources, employees can stay much more connected throughout their transitions. Today, there are plenty of proven examples in various industries of how organizations are positively implementing new hires into their environment and culture from home. The Nexxt team details Oracle Human Capital Management as an excellent resource in providing agility, adaptability, and a ‘human touch’ through technology to businesses. The program is designed to make department training, performance management, and payroll more seamless.

Team Engagement

Was your company big on company-wide outings, team lunches, or happy hours to celebrate organizational ‘wins’ or to blow off some steam? It can be easy to feel disconnected when these luxuries fade away, but having a substitute is critical to maintaining team morale and cultivating passion. One solution Julie offers is implementing an online recognition software to strengthen workplace culture and values and enhance engagement. Everyone wants to be recognized, and through your intentionality, you can continue to celebrate strong performances, birthdays, and work anniversaries.

“Working remotely improves the health and wellness of employees by reducing stress—and limiting exposure to potentially sick coworkers.” -WeWork, 2020

Wrap Up

What technologies can best benefit your company and its unique needs? When you keep your remote employees top of mind and implement these strategies, you will better identify a model of success. “With a diverse set of remote employees actively searching for a job or already working from around the country, or even the globe, considering their unique needs is essential to the success of maintaining a well-engaged workforce.”

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