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With the understanding you may have missed some of our articles this year, we put our data hats on today and went back and found the articles our social audience, Google users and those coming directly to our website have visited the most through the first five months of the year. And since we are so fond of you and do not want to make you hunt for it, you can find the top five articles below with a description of what each is about and a link to go read the full version on our site!

NCAA Athlete articles have been popular in 2016.
NCAA Athlete articles have been popular in 2016.

No. 1: 5 Traits NCAA Athletes Need to Highlight in Their Job Search

The journey of an NCAA athlete is a long one that for the majority of athletes, does not end up in a job as a professional athlete. While focusing all of their attention on being a student-athlete, most athletes do not have the time to devote to internships like other students. However, what they may be missing in “on the job” experience, athletes make up for with five traits they have gained from years of playing. If you are an athlete, you need to highlight these five traits on your resume from your playing days. Click here to read which traits!

No. 2: Kamerion Wimbley Prepared for Life After NFL Before He Retired

For fans of the Cleveland Browns, Kamerion Wimbley is just another in a long line of players they would classify as a “bust” in the first round of the NFL Draft. While that may be up for debate (this writer says no), this article is focused on how Wimbley set himself up for life after the NFL before he even stepped foot on the field for the Browns as a rookie. Wimbley’s story shows how you need to prepare for the future as soon as possible. Click here to read Wimbley’s story!

No. 3: The 3 Cs of Personal Branding

Personal branding is an important part of every job seeker’s journey they seemingly forget about. Recent graduates do not know who they are yet, and know even less about who they are going to be as a professional to truly brand themselves. No matter if you are a recent graduate or a seasoned work veteran, you need a brand. Click here to learn the “3 Cs” to get you started!

No. 4: Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Athletic and Business Success

The title of this article says it all. Emotional intelligence is not just a trait you left on the field after your last game. Athletes need to carry it over to the business world and find ways to apply that cerebral aspect of their game to the business world. Click here to read more!

No. 5: 3 Mistakes You Must Avoid During Job SearchHomer Simpson

It seems like something that should not happen, but job seekers make pretty common mistakes in every job search. In this article we broke down three mistakes that are going to make you go all Homer Simpson on yourself after reading. Click here to find your mistakes!

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