It may come as a surprise to many of you, but when an athlete is done competing in their sport, many of them transition to a career after sports. That competitive drive we all have inside of us just does not allow them to sit at home and collect dust.

Thanks to working with our friends over at the VIKTRE Career Portal (if you haven’t checked them out, do it now), they gave us access to some of their recent “My Career Change” interviews they conducted with former professional and Olympic athletes.

After reading these, we were inspired to put together some of our favorite tips from the articles. This list does not cover all of the great tips and information from these interviews, so we suggestion you head over to their “My Career Change” page and actually check them all out in depth.

Tip 1: “I suggest finding a mentor to provide coaching and advice about career paths.”

This tip came from former Dallas Cowboys defensive back, Adam Edwards. Edwards discussed his entrepreneurial transition in his story over on the VIKTRE Career Portal, which you can read in full here. His transition from collegiate and professional athlete is a remarkable one, so we encourage you to give it a read.

Tip 2: “You need to take control of your transition and if you wait for something to happen outside of hockey you will be sadly disappointed.”

This tip came from former Michigan State and NHL hockey player, Tom Tilley. Tilley’s transition into investment banking has been a great success, but it did not come easy after his playing days were done. Oh, and if it motivates you to give it a read—he does not hold back when it comes to the detail he provides from his transition. Go read it here!

Tip 3: “Do not undersell or overlook the higher quality skills you have developed in sport.”

One of my favorite tips from all of the interviews came from Canadian Olympic Bobsledder, Chris Lori. His journey into the Foreign Exchange Trading market is a great one, so we suggest you go give it a read here.

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