Three Ways Recruiters Can Help Strengthen Your Employer Brand

IMG_0982Employer brand is simply defined as your company’s reputation as an employer – is it a “great place to work?” It is shaped by the people currently working there, the sum of the efforts to communicate to current and future staff members and what makes your company that “great place to work.” Many of these tactics are accomplished through internal marketing, focusing on the existing workforce.

The job search is another venue to improve your employer brand. By teaming up with your recruiting partners, you can help strengthen your employer brand and attract the top talent to your company. Below are three ways your recruiting partners can help fortify your reputation within the industry and candidates.

  1. Educate your recruiting partners on your brand: When you engage recruiters in a job search, they are the first point of contact with the candidates. Supply them with ammunition for both the good and the bad: bragging rights about industry standings and awards that the company has won, or the company’s stance behind long-standing rumors.
  2. Educate your recruiting partners on your hiring process: At NexGoal, we meet with the hiring managers to learn more about the culture of the company and map out the hiring process: is there an assessment test? Is there a drug test? Who is the first interviewer? Knowing the who, what, when, where, and why of the interview process can clear up any questions, making it a smooth process.
    Be optimistic: what are the onboarding and training processes if the candidate is hired. The more information recruiters have at their disposal, the better they can prepare candidates for an optimal interview process.
  3. Keep your recruiting partners in the loop: After the candidate has met and interviewed, let your recruiters know what happened. This feedback from you will improve the process the next time around. It also will help recruiters keep the candidates engaged in the event there is an extended amount of time during the decision-making process and they don’t lose the candidate to another position.

Regardless if a candidate is hired or not, creating a positive experience will leave an impression and could eliminate any negativity. The goodwill built through this experience will translate to the candidate’s future experience as a customer or maybe as a future candidate for a different position.

Editors note: The Undercover Recruiter recently shared this infograph on the importance of employer brand.

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