Testimonial: Latest Success Stories In The Eyewear Industry

At NexGoal, we take our career placements very seriously – which is why our Project Coordinators spend so much time working with each candidate to put them in the best position to succeed. Once our candidates are placed, we like to take the time to share that candidate’s journey with all of you.

We were blessed to have a successful fall and winter season while working with one of our biggest clients, an innovative eyewear designer dedicated to bringing relief to thousands of patients across North America. To assist with our client’s mission to assist independent optometrists, NexGoal found passionate and experienced Operations Managers, Territory Managers, Sales Implementation Specialists, and Medical Sales Representatives for various roles in their many territories. We are delighted to be able to share the success stories of a few of our client’s newest rising stars.

You may have already seen our testimony from Steve Givens, a former collegiate basketball player who now works for our client as a Clinical Operations Manager. Steve praised his interactions with recruiter Brittany Brady and the personal touches throughout the journey.

“She [Brittany] was also thoughtful enough to text me the morning of an interview offering encouragement. The personal touches and the constant communication was extremely reassuring and helpful as moved through the interview process,” Steve said.

New Territory Account Manager Cassandra Molinaro had similar things to say after her experience working with Brittany. “I would say you [Brittany] were definitely knowledgeable about the company, great with setting up all of the interviews and sending me reminders, always made sure I was prepped for interviews and follow up afterwards!”

Cassandra has a rich background and storied background in sales, winning many awards and increasing revenue wherever she goes. She said the NexGoal team was super easy to work with, and we say likewise for Casandra!

Another of our recent placements, David Fielding, told us, “I have worked with quite a few recruiting agencies over my career and I can honestly say working with Brittany and Nexgoal has been my best experience. Brittany did an outstanding job of keeping me informed during the entire process and was always available when I had any questions.”

David is an award-winning sales professional who will be taking his entrepreneurial talents to our client as a Territory Account Manager. David was fast to recommend NexGoal’s services to both job seekers and potential clients.

Lastly, we had the pleasure to place Tyler McKeone, a former University of Nebraska quarterback, in a new role as a Medical Sales Specialist. Tyler transitioned his leadership skills, coachability, and resilience to the thriving medical device sales industry and was a delight to work with.

On working with NexGoal, Tyler said,” Brittany and Nexgoal stepped in and made the entire process of finding a great opportunity seamless and as stress-free as possible. I was given some tips and advice, some great insight and found and accepted a great sales opportunity that was aligned exactly with what I was looking for.” Tyler added, “Brittany made sure to check in for each step of the interview process and reached out for next steps if they were unclear at any point in time.”

We wish Steve, Cassandra, David, and Tyler, and all of our other placements, continued success in their new roles. It’s always a blessing to work with such dedicated and professional candidates!

One of our client’s managers also reached out to give us a shoutout. Fred E. kindly told us, “I have been in the business of hiring people and working with recruiters for 35 years. Nexgoal is one of the best I’ve encountered. They’re professional, responsive, and rarely present a candidate that isn’t worth considering.”

We thank Fred and the other managers with our client for their kind words and willingness to work with us!

Are you looking to work for an industry leader and advance your career in the medical device sales industry? We have plenty of opportunities for you! We look forward to placing you in your next career. You can get started by filling out our Athlete Candidate page here.

Employers: Are you looking to bring on highly qualified candidates like Steve, who may not find you on their own? Reach out & discover how quickly we can connect you with top active & passive job seekers near you! We’d love to have you as our next success story!

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