Staying Positive When You Don’t Hear Back From a Company

With today’s job search being primarily Internet-based, it can be hard to not feel like “just a number.” Since job seekers from all over can apply to a job, a specific job can get upwards of hundreds, even thousands of job applicants. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult for job seekers to stand out on a hiring manager’s computer screen.

Since so many job seekers can apply to jobs, hiring managers likely don’t even have the chance to go through the amount of job applications they receive on a daily basis. As a result, hiring managers need to be selective as to who they want to advance to the interview stage. This means that many job seekers won’t even make it past the application stage. However, given the influx of applications, it becomes difficult for companies to provide personal messages to each applicant who did not advance in the hiring process. Unfortunately, this means that not every job seeker will hear back regarding the status of his or her application.

If you’ve found yourself in this scenario, or are tired of the standard automated denial emails, here are some things you can do to stay positive during the job search.

Take Initiative and Make a Plan

Waiting around to hear from the job isn’t going to make you hear any faster. Similar to “watching paint dry,” this can be a long, drawn out process. Instead of waiting for something to happen, take action. While you can’t make the hiring manager reach out to you any faster, you can take some control of this seemingly out-of-your-hands process. Some ways to do this are creating a list of companies where you’d like to work, conducting informational interviews, following up after job interviews, etc.

If you got through to the interview phase and didn’t hear back within the time frame provided, wait a few days for the deadline to pass, before tailoring your follow up message. If you still don’t hear back, start acting on your plan to get hired elsewhere.

React and Respond Accordingly

If you hear back from your follow up, you can gauge your next step according to that response. If the hiring manager says to check back in in a few days, do so, etc. If the response seems a bit more terse, you should probably back off a bit, as there is a fine line between persistence and annoyance. If you want the job, you don’t want to cross that line.

Don’t Take it Personally

Just because you did not get the job, or haven’t heard back, it is important for you to not take it personally. While this is definitely easier said than done, remember that the application process is not a perfect one. For all you know, the job may have been eliminated or filled internally as a cost-cutting measure. There is usually more behind the story than you realize. If you don’t hear back from the company, or don’t get the job, it may have not been in the cards for you. After all, it may not even be the right job for you and the right one will come around before you know it. Not getting a job might be a silver lining and open the door to your dream opportunity.

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