If you fail to ‘adapt with the times’ as a job-seeker, your resume will fall short. Making the proper adjustments starts with a willingness to learn and acclimate to new trends. Similar to how there are expectations for you to tailor your resume’s content to the job description you are applying for, there are expectations for the integral structure of your resume as well. The more months that have elapsed since you’ve last reopened your job search, the more alterations you will discover to be necessary.

Furthermore, between spiked unemployment rates and fluctuating employer needs, COVID-19’s impact makes a strong resume vital now more than ever. With the help of the career experts at The Ladders and CNBC Make It, we reveal four resume expectations all hiring managers will have amidst the coronavirus pandemic:

Remote Work Skills

Due to the pandemic, employees were forced into an abrupt change of environment, pushing many of you outside your comfort zone. As a result, there are likely new telecommunication skills and other resourceful skills you’ve acquired. Don’t gloss over this experience with generalized statements such as “I am a quick learner” or “I am adaptable.” Instead, share your experience working remotely and how you’ve been able to manage all your responsibilities or even become more productive. Provide details on how your company utilized ZoomSlack, or another communication platform, and how you stayed heavily involved in meetings. 

How You’ve Adjusted to COVID-19 Within Your Role

Employers are looking for employees who have demonstrated an ability to adjust through unprecedented challenges and altering expectations. Reveal how you have proven yourself to be adaptable. Outside of the change in scenery, this may include budget adjustments, new technology, new responsibilities, or communicating with co-workers you haven’t worked with before. 

Showcase examples or critical metrics that highlight your abilities in critical thinking, organization, dedication, and other vital strengths you possess. But remember, this conversation is your chance to interview your potential employer as well. If you desire open communication with management, resources available to delimit workplace stress and aid mental health, or strong precautions put in place to limit the spread of the virus for all employees, now is the time to present these concerns.

Describing Previous Role and Employers

Unless your previous employment was with a nationally known company such as Google, Microsoft, or Amazon, it’s pivotal that you provide a brief company description. When you reflect on your previous role’s responsibilities, can you identify any similarities between your duties and the present job description? Incorporate a few of the keywords used by the employer as you highlight your relevant work experience. When emphasizing this experience in a previous role, Yang also recommends listing the company size as it will speak to the workload you took on and resources you had available.

*PRO TIP / BONUS TIP* – Include the job title for which you are applying at the top of your resume. A bold, relevant title can immediately grab the attention of the hiring manager. Career coach Peter Yang recommends you place this title directly beneath your name and contact information.

A Link to Your LinkedIn Profile

An often-neglected step in your application process is including the link to your LinkedIn profile page. Providing the link will offer quick access to the hiring manager when they download your application and garner a proper first impression. Presenting this digital first-impression promptly is critical, considering how much of the interview process is conducted virtually. A ResumeGo study found that candidates with a “comprehensive” LinkedIn profile have a 71% higher chance of getting an interview than those who don’t. Just remember to optimize all the features LinkedIn has to offer, rather than simply repeating your resume. Those who optimized LinkedIn’s features for a comprehensive profile page saw a 6% increase in callbacks over those who did not.

Wrap Up

Incorporating these four elements will maximize your shot at landing the interview and, ultimately, a new job. For more insights into constructing a winning resume in 2021 and real examples, check out Peter Yang’s full article. Yang discusses the importance of including an experience summary, which should take precedent over the age-old objective statement.

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