Recruitment Marketing: Get Top Talent To Your Active Listings

Nearly one year ago, Americans saw the unemployment rate hit a high of 15%. Today, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we sit at 6.2% (~ 10 million Americans). While the unemployment rate continues to creep back towards its original 3.8%-3.9% baseline, there is still some progress left to be made. According to Monster’s Future of Work Report, bright times are ahead as 82% of U.S. employers reveal plans to hire in 2021.

However, with the influx of job seekers eager for a new opportunity, it is an arduous process filtering out the underqualified candidates and luring in the elite ones. From employer branding and paid advertising to candidate engagement, your recruitment marketing strategy plays an essential role in building your candidate pipeline with top talent. With the help of the team at Pragna Solutions, we reveal their four stages to a well-rounded recruitment marketing model:

1. Entice

The virtual aspect of the hiring process brings difficulties through candidate assessments and pre-interview screenings. Not to mention, the most qualified candidates may be carrying a different job while passively looking for the ‘right opportunity.’ When you do find that all-star candidate, chances are that other employers found them too, and they are weighing multiple offers. However, the right features can turn any passive candidate into an active one. 

In a recent survey from Monster, they uncovered the five job features candidates want out of their employers:

 – Flexible Work Schedules (38%)

 – Salary Protection (35%)

 – Health Policies & Protocols (30%)

 – Training staff to the new ways of working (29%)

 – Shifting to a more remote work environment (25%)

Showcase your company as a great company to work for by spotlighting your recent successes, awards/recognition and offering a taste of the company’s culture.

2. Engage

Outside of simply posting your job to your website or sharing it on Facebook or LinkedIn, there are other means to finding great candidates. Be sure to utilize the networking tools across social media to begin a direct conversation. Don’t wait on job-seekers to make the first move on an opportunity that may have never crossed their screen. Utilize features such as LinkedIn’s ‘Open to work’ tab or LinkedIn Groups to make personal connections. 

As conversations with qualified candidates progress, you will learn the specifics they are looking for in their next job and let them know they are attainable. The more candidates you converse with, the more you will uncover the employer persona you need to match. Through these intentional recruitment marketing efforts, the highly qualified candidates will start coming to you rather than the other way around.

3. Convert

When the candidate has expressed interest in your company, now it is time to make the final push. Stay gently persistent as you keep them engaged. If you start overselling the job, you will create an uncomfortable situation that may cause them to back out. Provide specific details to the job opening, the growth they can achieve (and be a part of), and how the opportunity matches up with other jobs in the market. When you are just moments away from that signed contract, you can reveal all the compensation, bonus, perks, and benefits that come along with the role. 

4. Hire

Maintain the mindset of a marketer for your recruitment success. The employees you want as a part of your team will be resourceful and selective in their research, so you must do the same. Don’t continue to view candidates as just another resume, but rather as consumers wanting to be impressed and won over. To receive the best-of-the-best, you must place yourself in their shoes and cater to their desires. 

Job Description Insight

Conduct research into the jobs available in your shared location, industry, or job title. From the position title, opening hook, and company insight to the role’s ins and outs, bringing in the best candidates demands relevant keywords and compelling language. In the end, ask the difficult question, “Would I apply for this job after reading this?” If you answer ‘No’ and can point to a reason, you know where to begin. If you are struggling to construct the perfect job description, here is a brief guide for you.

Want more tips? Check out these 15 ways Forbes Coaches Council recommends you ‘switch up’ your hiring strategy to attract the ideal candidate.

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