As always, 2023 introduced new opportunities and challenges into all of our career journeys. Whether it involved handling a recession and layoffs, entering a new industry, navigating the rising usage of artificial intelligence, acquiring and retaining talent, or any new trials you faced, we hope that you were able to conquer these challenges and have a fruitful year. We wish to take the time to thank our readers, the candidates, and the clients we work with daily for your support and for working with us in 2023.

As we approach the new year, we always like to take a look back on the previous year and see what career articles really resonated with you in 2023. This collection has a little something for everyone, covering topics like remote work, artificial intelligence, changing careers, and improving skills to take the next leap in your career. These five articles had a strong impact on our audience in 2023, and we hope the advice contained within can assist with your career goals for 2024!

Industries Still Hiring Remote Workers In 2023

Since the pandemic started in 2020, we’ve seen a rapid rise in the availability of remote jobs. But by early 2023, many companies would prefer to have their staff back in the office. Despite this, a FlexJobs survey found that 65% of respondents wish to remain full-time workers.

Remote work is still a priority for many job seekers thanks to the plethora of conveniences it can offer. The good news is that many thriving industries are still offering remote positions. In fact, CNBC’s Greg Iacurci believes that remote work can thrive even in a recession thanks to its ability to trim labor costs.

FlexJobs found seven industries still offering 100% remote positions. We review their findings and add some of our own insights to assist with your search.

How To Utilize AI Tools In Your Job Search

AI technology is no longer just a science fiction staple. With tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, anyone can experiment with artificial intelligence.

This technology is still being refined and can’t replace the creativity or contextual mind of a human, but it can be a great device to enhance all sorts of efforts—including aiding in your job search! From helping to build your resume and cover letter, to optimizing your LinkedIn profile, to interview prep, to simply being a wonderful research assistant, learn how to utilize AI technology to give your job search a boost.

Reasons Why Job-Hopping Can Be Good For Your Career

Putting it lightly, not all jobs are created equally. Yet some workers feel like they need to stay in a less-than-ideal situation to avoid the perception of being a job hopper. Yet careers are less linear than in the past, and the stigma around job hopping is fading away. If you’re in need of a new job, make like a rabbit and take that leap!

There’s an unwritten rule that you should stay with a company for a year before looking to jump ship, but career coach Sarah Doody says that belief is archaic. In fact, strategically finding a better job can actually make a candidate look savvy.

“I think it will actually make you come across as a more strategic, thoughtful, mindful individual rather than just coasting along for another nine months.” –Sarah Doody

To explore this changing landscape, we’ll consider the main reasons workers want to job hop and the benefits looking for greener pastures can have on your career.

The Most Recession-Proof Jobs For 2023

Experts believe that the country is heading towards a recession, meaning jobs could become scarce despite the great number of openings in recent years. But if you’re looking for a new career, you’ll do your best to keep applying and networking regardless.

While some industries will be more difficult to break into, others are more “recession-proof.” We’ve looked at our own experience as recruiters and looked to experts nationwide to find the most recession-proof industries. If you’ve got the skills and experience to be choosy with your targeted industries, you’ll find these industries the safest to conduct your search.

Becoming More Persuasive At Work

Being an effective communicator is one of the core keys to success in life and often starts with how persuasive you can be. You might have the most outstanding ideas imaginable, but they’ll go unnoticed if you can’t get others interested.

Becoming more persuasive will open many doors in your career. Whether you’re trying to land a new job, make a big sale, inspire your team, or start a new project, being able to convince others that you and your ideas have merit will lead to success. If you want to become more convincing at work, start incorporating these ideas into your efforts.

Wrap up

As always, we’d like to thank all of you for your support in 2023! If you’ve missed out on any of these career development tips, we hope you find them useful today!

Feel free to let us know what types of articles really spoke to you and what you would like to see from our content team in 2024!

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