In 2022, we started to regain some normalcy after two years heavily influenced by the pandemic. We hope that 2022 was a productive and fruitful year for you and that you continue to find success moving forward. We wish to take the time to thank our readers, the candidates, and the clients we work with daily for your support and for working with us in 2022.

In this time of reflection leading up to 2023, we took some time to review your favorite articles from 2022. Whether you’re starting a job search, looking for a little more value in your career, seeking industry knowledge, or navigating the tricky waters of a career change, these five articles particularly resonated with our audience and have something for everyone!

‘Let Go’ of Your Fear of Being Fired

Within the uncertainty of COVID-19 and detachment felt by many remote working employees, fighting through the fear of being fired is a common anxiety making work much more difficult for employees. Operating under this fear can be detrimental to daily job performance and mental health. It does not discriminate against rank, location, or industry. Similar to stress (and often inducing stress), fear drives us to a poor work-life balance and career burnout.

The first step towards seeing change is acknowledging your thoughts and accepting that they are not your reality. Initially revealed by Susie Moore, we break down five specific reasons you can and should push back against the fear of losing your job. 

Watch Out For These Red Flags On Your Next Job Search

In wake of the Great Resignation, many organizations are rapidly trying to attract talent. It’s a good time to be a job seeker, as experts believe 2022 is a year favoring employees. But while many companies are hiring and job seekers have a plethora of options, not all of those options are good. Navigating the job market can be like walking through a minefield as you try to avoid questionable organizations.

Thankfully, a well-prepared job seeker can avoid these “mines” by recognizing the red flags these organizations put out. Whether in the job description itself or based on statements you hear in an interview, there are telltale signs you’re heading for an unpleasant role. We’ll cover six of these major red flags to avoid during your next job search.

Thought-Provoking Questions To Ask Your Interviewer

Employers take tremendous value in the questions you ask during an interview because they will reveal your level of preparation, engagement, and curiosity for the position. Quit focusing on yourself and how your personal needs will be addressed in the role. Instead, ask stimulating questions to produce a quality conversation that reveals you are invested in the team’s betterment and showcases your unique value.

Captivate your interviewer and position yourself as the ideal candidate by asking these five questions:

Understanding And Overcoming Ghosting In Your Job Search

The dating world is scary enough as is, and that’s before considering the potential ‘ghosting’ that can occur. Ghosting, a phenomenon where a prospective partner ceases all communication, is common in dating. Another, more promising option will come along, some circumstances will take up a person’s time, or the person may simply resolve it’s better to disappear than have a difficult conversation.

While frustrating enough in the dating world, thanks to the sheer amount of potential applicants and the ease of using technology over face-to-face communication, ghosting has become extremely common in the hiring stratosphere as well. You may have a phone screening or even an interview and never hear from the company again. Recruiters may find a promising candidate, help them along their hiring process, and then get left on read.

We’ll examine the data behind ghosting, look at why ghosting happens, and provide job seekers will some ghostbusting strategies.

Assessing The Mortgage Industry: Top Trends & Statistics

Is the U.S. housing market overheating? Within the stability of low mortgage rates and high buyer contention, the housing market continues to be highly competitive. While it is a great time to be in the market for a loan, borrowers don’t quite have their ‘pick of the litter’ like in times past. Home prices continue to rise, as does the volume of offers placed on each listing. 

“Demand is robust throughout the country, but homebuyers continue to be held back by the lack of homes for sale and rapidly increasing home prices.” – Joel Kan, MBA Economist.

After assessing various expert opinions, knowledge, and studies, we have constructed the ultimate guide to the latest Mortgage industry trends and statistics entering 2022. Courtesy of the industry professionals with The Mortgage Banker’s Association, Fannie Mae, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Bankrate, The Motley Fool, TIME Magazine, & more!

Wrap up

As always, we’d like to thank all of you for your support in 2022! If you’ve missed out on any of these career tips, we hope you take the time to review them today!

Don’t hesitate to let us know what kind of articles were your favorite and what you would like to see from our content team in 2023!

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