2021 was a challenging year, and we still are learning to adapt to and overcome the pandemic. In spite of the challenges this year brought, it also provided many opportunities for growth. We wanted to take the time and thank our readers, the candidates, and the clients we work with daily for your support and for working with us this year.

As the dawn of 2022 approaches, we wanted to reflect on the past year and look back at some of the articles our audience liked most in 2021. Whether you’re looking for strategies to land a new job, learning how to be in the best headspace at your current job, or you’re an employer seeking to bring in top-tier talent, our five most popular articles this year have something for everyone.

‘Let Go’ of Your Fear of Being Fired

Within the uncertainty of COVID-19 and detachment felt by many remote working employees, fighting through the fear of being fired is a common anxiety making work much more difficult for employees. Operating under this fear can be detrimental to daily job performance and mental health. It does not discriminate against rank, location, or industry. Similar to stress (and often inducing stress), fear drives us to a poor work-life balance and career burnout.

The first step towards seeing change is acknowledging your thoughts and accepting that they are not your reality. Initially revealed by Susie Moore, we break down five specific reasons you can and should push back against the fear of losing your job. 

Thought-Provoking Questions To Ask Your Interviewer

Employers take tremendous value in the questions you ask during an interview because they will reveal your level of preparation, engagement, and curiosity for the position. Quit focusing on yourself and how your personal needs will be addressed in the role. Instead, ask stimulating questions to produce a quality conversation that reveals you are invested in the team’s betterment and showcases your unique value.

Captivate your interviewer and position yourself as the ideal candidate by asking these five questions:

Nine Types of People You Need in Your Inner Circle

Today’s aspiring career professionals, especially women, are continually being told to expand their network, grow their brand, and capitalize on every opportunity thrown their way. However, this career guidance can be quite intimidating, and with the shift of the ongoing pandemic, it is becoming increasingly difficult to execute these commands. So, in what ways can the workforce of today stay intentional in nurturing their professional and personal relationships while creating an avenue for future opportunities?

In a recent article for Forbes WomenEllevate’s Natalie Eicher reveals her team’s research on who should be a part of your “Success Circle” and why. Join us as we uncover and support her findings with critical insights of our own:

Employer Branding Strategy: Trends To Monitor in 2021

Employers: Does your brand effectively communicate the value your organization has to offer? Are you proud of your reputation in employee experience and employee satisfaction? It’s time you make the necessary adjustments to show your team how much you value their hard work, especially during the unpredictability of the pandemic. Furthermore, your acknowledgment and gratitude will often boost your team members’ mental well-being, thus improving productivity and encouraging them to show the validity of your kind words.

Many employers get wrapped up focusing on the consumer aspect of their brand, but there needs to be an equal focus on the viewpoint of employees and job-seekers. When a strong, healthy image is established through upheld core values, the quality and integrity within each employee will organically strengthen the company’s consumer brand. 

Through a well-structured employer branding strategy, companies can propel their talent acquisition to an upper echelon of job-seekers and improve employee retention. The current shift in today’s workforce calls employers to go beyond the traditional employer branding strategies, i.e., an appealing website, five-star testimonials, and detailed job postings. Here are three workplace trends today’s employers need to closely monitor and implement to stand out as a top place to work:

Six Resume Mistakes To Avoid in 2021

Whether you are looking to get started on your first job search out of college or looking to change careers, having an up-to-date resume is imperative. Recently, our friends at Nexxt revealed six of the most commonly overlooked mistakes made by job-seekers on their resumes. From overemphasizing soft skills to failing to provide clear timelines, falling victim to these mistakes will prove costly to your shot at the job.

Wrap up

Thanks so much for supporting us in 2021! If you’ve missed out on any of these career tips, we hope you take the time to review them today!

Let us know what kind of articles were your favorite and what you would like to see from our content team in 2022!

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