Despite the rollercoaster ride of 2020, we wanted to take the time and thank our readers, the candidates, and the clients we work with daily.

As we get ready to build new momentum in 2021, we reflect on this past year and the articles that resonated most with our readers. Join us as we review five of our most popular articles from 2020:

Six Resume Mistakes To Avoid in 2021

Whether you are looking to get started on your first job search out of college or looking to change careers, having an up-to-date resume is imperative. Recently, our friends at Nexxt revealed six of the most commonly overlooked mistakes made by job-seekers on their resumes. From overemphasizing soft skills to failing to provide clear timelines, falling victim to these mistakes will prove costly to your shot at the job.

Setting Up An Effective Remote Workspace

According to SHRM’s COVID-19 Business Index, 64% of U.S. employees are currently working remotely. With the massive shift to the virtual working world, it’s not easy to maintain productivity and passion for your work. Are you one of the many individuals drastically impacted by COVID-19 and all its complications?

Although being forced to work from home was beyond your control, there are still elements you CAN control for a productive workday. Take these FIVE steps today!

Mistakes to Avoid For A Strong First Impression

Getting judged based on your appearance, mannerisms, or body language occurs in a matter of seconds. Providing a strong first impression is critical in job interviews as it often sets the tone for the conversation and the direction it will take. With no ‘second chance,’ we want to look beyond the traditional tips of arriving on time and dressing appropriately. Read below as we review five of the most commonly made mistakes made in first impressions, as told by various millionaires across the country.
*Key examples and necessary adjustments included*

Identifying Your Ideal Career Fit

According to a recent Toll-Free Forwarding study, only 10% of Americans will land their conceived ‘dream job’ that they identified at a young age. Of that 10%, just 64% of those journeys play out to meeting their surmised expectations. Furthermore, 61% of those remaining do not regret the divergent direction their career path took. So, what conclusions can be made? Do not fear the ‘no’ or the prospect of change when it comes to finding your ideal career fit.

If you require a little guidance when it comes to your career indecision, here are three thoughts you must consider when pursuing a complementary role for your next career:

Avoid These Four Mistakes in Your Next Video Interview

Emanating from the onset of COVID-19, thousands of companies continue to operate under the work-from-home order. Unemployment remains high, and many organizations rely heavily on phone and on-screen meetings for their hiring efforts.

Are you missing the mark when it comes to effectively grabbing the hiring manager’s attention? While your content preparation remains unchanged in terms of having examples, answers, and questions readily available, your interview’s virtual aspect brings new challenges you may not expect.

Courtesy of CNBC Contributor John Bowe, we review four of the most annoying mistakes made in video interviews, as revealed by Zoom’s Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Phil Haynes.

Wrap Up

Thanks so much for sticking with us in 2020! If you’ve missed out on any of these career tips, we hope you take the time to review them today!

Let us know what kind of articles were your favorite and what you would like to see from our content team in the new year!

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