As 2016 comes to an end, we here at NexGoal wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for reading and welcome all of our new email subscribers and website viewers to the family. We hope you have found our career advice, transition stories, testimonies, job posts and much more valuable this year.

Before we move on to 2017 with even more great resources and job openings on top, we wanted to take a look back at our most read articles of the year in 2016. Since you may have not been a reader or website visitor all year long, you may have missed some of these great pieces!

3 Ways to Approach Your Job Search Like an Athlete

Earlier this year, one of our interns on staff broke down some of the key attributes our clients love about our athlete-focused job placement approach. The article was a hit—as it earned some major praise by being linked to by the good folks over at Adidas GamePlan A.

If you are looking for some motivation on how you can re-focus those athletic traits toward your job search, this article is a must read before you take on the job boards in 2017.

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More Options for Job Seekers to Build Their Online Presence

As the wonderful world of social media and portfolio websites continue to grow, job seekers need to be aware of a few tools out there to help get noticed. Though one of them from this article (Google +) seems to be on a downward trend as of now, the other two recommendations from this article could be of help, especially if you are a newbie to online portfolio building.

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5 Traits NCAA Athletes Need to Highlight in Their Job Search

NCAA Athlete articles have been popular in 2016.
NCAA Athlete articles have been popular in 2016.

Not everyone had the time to work or do internships in college, as many former NCAA athletes know all too well. The demands of being a student-athlete are often too great, leaving many athletes without key experience employers are looking for on their resumes.

With this in mind, we put together a list of five traits athletes should be highlighting on their resumes after graduation.

Learn Your Traits!

Pokémon No! Playing Pokémon GO at Work Will Get You Fired

Remember the Pokémon craze that swept over the world back in July? Well, while you were out trying to win fights with Pikachu and capture a Bulbasaur, people were losing their jobs because they could not put down the video game for eight hours during their work shift.

In case you are still playing it or missed some of these stories, you should probably give our article a read and check out just how serious some were getting in their Pokémon GO lives.

Why You Shouldn’t Play at Work

Interview Follow-Up Mistakes Job Seekers Should Not Make

Our final top article of the year covers an area many newer job seekers struggle at in a big way according to our clients. Most candidates seemingly think they should just sit by the phone and wait for a call from the person that interviewed them these days, while many interviewers feel job seekers need to take the initiative to reach out.

With a major communication gap occurring, our staff broke down three follow-up mistakes you should not be making and how to correct them to earn the job of your dreams in 2016.

Learn How to Follow-Up!

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