Packaging Client Discusses Why Hiring Athletes is Important to Them

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For those of you who are following NexGoal on any of our social media channels, regularly checking our website or are signed up for our eNewsletters, you often see our “success stories” feature. In these articles, our content team provides detailed feedback about the experience of a candidate being placed from the eyes of that candidate.

This is obviously great for other job seekers to find out what the “NexGoal Experience” is all about. However, often times our clients feel left out because they do not get to see what the employers who actually hired those candidates have to say about their end of the hiring process.

Well, today we would like to take a moment to share some feedback from one of our local clients here in the Cleveland area, JIT Packaging Aurora Inc.. Recently, President & CEO, Rick MacDonald, reached out to our team to discuss why he enjoyed his experience with NexGoal.

Talking with NexGoal co-founder and CEO, Kevin Dahl, MacDonald said his “personal relationship” with Dahl was one of the main reasons he decided to work with our team.

When asked why they target hiring athletes, MacDonald stated, “Disciplined, creative, focused, self starters, team players, very coachable. Athletic individuals will intuitively adapt to the scope of work Athletic individuals have the innate ability to pick themselves up, and others around them, in adverse circumstances.”

Since we here at NexGoal pride ourselves on helping former athletes take the next step, it is great to see such a glowing endorsement on why hiring athletes is important for a company.

Have you had success hiring athletes in the past? We would love to tell your story! Drop us a line here.

If you would like to learn more about how we can infuse excellent candidates like this into your organization, click here to schedule a meeting with our team!

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