Olympic Reunion: Canada’s 1992 Silver Medal Hockey Team Has Mini Reunion

What happens when a group of Silver medalist, former Canadian hockey teammates get together for a mini-reunion? Well, unfortunately I cannot give you all the details (what happens in Canada stays in Canada)—but luckily for us, NexGoal CEO Kevin Dahl was a member of Canada’s 1992 Olympic Silver Medal team and was in attendance over the weekend to join in the festivities.

Dahl provided us with some pictures from the event, which included the following teammates: Gord Hynes, Eric Lindros, Todd Brost, Brad Schlegel, Randy Smith, Joé Juneau and Dave Archibald.

Dahl said the group spent the weekend “setting up for their 25-year reunion next year, telling lies (stories) and watching the Germany vs USA game.” For those who did not watch that game, Germany won on a last-minute goal at the World Hockey Championship in St. Petersburg.

Since details of the get together were privileged, you will have to live through the few pictures from their mini-reunion—which you can see in the gallery below.

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