screenshotDesigned to be optimal for mobile use as well as in a typical laptop/desktop setting, the new design aims to inform visitors on who NexGoal is and the “three buckets” that most of our visitors fit into:

As the company expands and finds more footing in social media, NexGoal sought to create a website that was easy to navigate, provided useful and timely information, and engaged the reader on different levels. “Our objective is to introduce our company and franchisees and share what services we provide,” said Bernadette Vielhaber, marketing coordinator.  “We want our visitors to make the most of their time and to engage them. If you’re searching for our job board, it should be obvious.”

Co-founded in 2009 by former professional hockey player Kevin Dahl and former collegiate football player Brad Mullins, NexGoal places former collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletes in corporate America. Our management team is comprised of former Olympic, collegiate, and professional athletes who clearly understand the challenges which athletes face as they transition from competition to their post-athletic careers.

“Our website expands the opportunity for athlete-candidates to work with a company who understands their situation; we can provide real jobs and real opportunities,” said Mullins. “NexGoal has contracted with companies that want to hire athletes from entry level to senior management positions. Our goal is to find the right talent and match it with the right company and this redesign will attract both candidates and clients alike.”

“The redesign is also mobile-friendly,” points out Dahl, “which allows interaction other than just behind a keyboard. We continue to strive to be a resource and with the ability to increase access, we will continue to grow our network and our business.”

You can visit our corporate site,, as well as our franchisee sites to learn more about them: Avon, NexGoal JRV in Michigan, and 921Nexgoal in Grand Rapids.

(WebsiteRelease in pdf format also available)

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