The Professional Athlete Franchise Initiative was formed in 2010.
The Professional Athlete Franchise Initiative was formed in 2010.

NexGoal co-owner Kevin Dahl will be in attendance for the annual PAFI (Professional Athlete Franchise Initiative) Franchise Summit, July 13-15, in Atlanta, GA.

PAFI’s mission is to bring awareness to the professional athlete community through, education, research and interaction with the franchise community.

The summit focuses on the education process surrounding the franchising model to current and former athletes looking to start a new career as a business owner, as well as wealth managers, agents, business advisors, and franchisors.

Over the three-day event, attendees will attend seminars, tours of franchises in the Atlanta area, panel discussions, and an expo.

“The educational element of the PAFI Franchise Summit is just as important as the networking opportunities,” added Dahl. “As prospective business owners, these athletes have a chance to speak with other athletes who have been through the franchising experience and can share first hand the ups and downs of their journey, and why franchising is a great alternative to just starting your own business.”

For more information out PAFI, visit their website. NexGoal has franchises available across the United States. For more information, visit our franchise opportunity page.

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