NexGoal and Large Manufacturing Company Work Together to Fill Job Needs

Often, people read on the NexGoal website about our commitment to our clients but due to confidentiality agreements with them, we cannot share with you the names of the clients we represent. Well, just this week one of our clients decided to share a glowing review of the services we have provided them over the years … and even asked us to share that review with our audience.

Why you ask? Simply, they appreciate the dedication our Project Coordinators and Business Development teams have put in during our time working together. The placement of our athlete-candidates in their organization has delivered high quality workers who have contributed greatly since joining their organization.

But hey, do no just take my word for it. Hear directly from the Vice President of Operations from this company.

As Vice President of Operations for a large manufacturing company I have relied on NexGoal to find top talent for key positions within my many manufacturing facilities. NexGoal has provided my team top quality candidates who were not only qualified for the position but had potential to grow into other roles. All the candidates that NexGoal presented were thoroughly screened and informed about the position we we were interviewing for. Some of my roles were in remote locations that were difficult to fill and NexGoal provided quality candidates for those positions. NexGoal made sure they understood our needs, our culture and our budget when working to fill positions. Their follow up and persistence helped streamline our recruiting process and brought on talent that might otherwise have gone to other companies.

I would strongly recommend using NexGoal in your next search for key roles within your organization. Their quality of service, follow up and persistence in following the recruiting process has allowed them to be successful in filling key roles within our organization. – Ken Recko, Vice President of Operations

If you would like to learn more about how we can infuse athlete-candidates into your organization with the traits Ken outlined above, click here to schedule a meeting with our team!

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