Believe it or not, we’re just over two months away from 2023. With a new year comes the chance to work towards new objectives. If you’re interested in advancing your career in the near future, you’ll want to make sure your “new year, new me” includes embracing trending skills.

We’ve previously covered some of the best skills to learn for 2022, along with which skills to leave off of your resume. While many 2022 skills are still highly relevant and transferable, the ever-evolving business world requires new skills to stay up to date. Join us as we examine Forbes’ Jack Kelly’s list of competitive skills to master in 2023 and add some insights of our own!


Adaptability was one of our top recommended skills for 2022, and it’s no surprise to see it topped Jack’s list for 2023. While adaptability has always been a prime trait, the speedy advancements in technology and the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have further increased the importance of this skill.

Jack mentions the uncertainty of the job market, corporations having massive layoffs without replacing their workforce, and the inconsistency of remote and office jobs as rising traits that look to continue in 2023. The constant uncertainty, and the idea that you may need to switch jobs due to outside circumstances, means that those who can adapt and go with the flow will have the most success.

“To adapt to changes, you may need to continually reinvent yourself and pivot to new career directions.” -Jack Kelly

If you’re looking to become more adaptable, Harvard Business Review’s Michael Mankins recommends showing a willingness to adapt in the first place, working on your flexibility, and learning how to plan for multiple outcomes. You can learn further strategies here.


You may not work in software development or be a coder, but almost every job requires working with ever-evolving technology. There are so many quality-of-life enhancements brought about by new technology, and to get the most out of them, you’ll want at least a basic understanding of the underlying technology.

Jack says that building a comfort level is immensely helpful, and having a basic understanding of coding, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, or cybersecurity will give you an excellent foundation.

If you wish to take things even further, many of the most predicted in-demand skills over the next ten years involve different forms of technology. Maryna Zavyiboroda lists cloud computing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and blockchain as some of the most profitable skills in the tech world.

Kool Stories mentions that learning coding, already a profitable skill, also enhances your problem-solving, mathematics, communication, and creativity skills.

Communication skills

Communication is another evergreen skill we should always be working toward, but it’s still one that many struggle with. Almost every job requires communication with other human beings, so this is one of the most-transferable skills.

This goes beyond your basic written and oral communication skills as well. As should be apparent, our use of technology will only keep growing, so knowing how to communicate digitally is key to successfully expressing yourself. Without body language in the mix, you need to make sure you quickly and efficiently convey your message to avoid confusion and get the desired outcome.

Jack mentions how vital these skills are to your own marketability. Even if you’re highly skilled or experienced, if you can’t communicate that, you’ll find it hard to get an audience.


Rectec found that seven of the top ten skills employers desired were soft skills over hard, or intelligible and highly transferable skills. We’ve discussed many of them at length in prior posts, but at the core of each one lies the need for resilience and grit.

“Soft skills are nothing new, and they’ve been a major driving factor behind rebuilt interview strategies in the wake of COVID-19.” -Rectec

Jack says that times may be tough, and things may not go our way. Job seeking is much more complicated than it was 20 years ago. If you can teach yourself to be resilient, it will be much easier to not only roll with the punches but also to develop any other necessary skills to get ahead.

“Teach yourself how to be self-resilient, and build the confidence to pursue what you want. It’s okay to have fear and trepidation, but you must keep forging against all odds and obstacles.” -Jack Kelly

Wrap up

The job market is always uncertain and constantly shifting. But if you’re willing to get ahead of the curve, you can work towards highly-transferable skills that will serve you no matter which job title you pursue. Adaptability, communication, and resilience will always be valuable, and in today’s world, the most you understand technology, the better your baseline will be. Start mastering these skills now to be prepared for the future!

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