At this time of the year, college students everywhere are either looking forward to or wrapping up the last spring break of their college career. Upon returning to campus, the realization that the end is near and the “real world” is rapidly approaching can be daunting. It seems that one question follows you everywhere – “what are you doing after graduation?”

If you’re not going to graduate school or have already committed to a job after graduation, chances are you’re going to need to embark on the job search. According to a 2017 American Student Assistance study, there were nearly 1.9 million students graduating from college last spring, which means there was influx of job seekers into the market.

If you’re suffering from “senioritis,” maybe it is time to switch gears and begin your job search (if you haven’t already). Here are some tips for soon-to-be graduates looking for their next step:

Use The Career Center (Or Find It For The First Time)

You might think that it is too late to make a visit to your school’s career center, even if you need to look for it on a campus map. Most campuses have a job board with postings from alumni and the career center folks offer services such as resume reviews, mock interviews and other resources to prepare you for the job search.

Diversify Your Search

When looking for a job, a common place to start is with a quick Google search. Looking for a marketing job in Chicago? Fire up your laptop and search “Marketing Jobs In Chicago.” You will likely see various job boards including,, and the VIKTRE Career Network. These are great resources and have millions of jobs available at your fingertips. However, considering the amount of job boards out there, companies have to pick and choose where to post their openings. By using various resources, you will be exposed to more opportunities.

Clean Up Your Social Presence

In the age of social media, first impressions are no longer made when you show up for a job interview. Instead, employers can find your social media accounts and make an assumption based on the content you share and how you manage your online presence. You should absolutely use social media to convey your personality, but make sure you monitor what you’re sharing. A common piece of advice: would you be okay if your mother and grandmother read your latest tweet? If not, don’t press send.

A strong social presence can actually help you land a job, so make sure to continually monitor your accounts!

Network, Network, Network

When the word “networking” comes to mind, we usually think of LinkedIn. While this is a valuable resource and industry professionals are available with a few clicks of a mouse, there is something to be said about in-person networking. The thought of going up to strangers and striking up a conversation is definitely uncomfortable for most people, but these experiences may have a great influence on your career path. When going to networking events, make sure to have business cards and up-to-date resumes on hand.

Wrap Up

In the next couple months, college seniors nationwide will don their caps and gowns and make that walk across the stage bridging college life and the “real world.” Even though we’re told that college is the best four (or more) years of your life and that #adulting is tough, there comes a time when everyone needs to face reality. We could all use some advice when it comes to the job search, especially when battling senioritis.

To college seniors everywhere, enjoy soaking up the last few months of college, but make sure to devote some time to your future! Although the it is daunting, don’t worry, the real world isn’t as bad as it seems!

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