The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are hectic. Balancing work with holiday plans can make for some stressful times during what is supposed to be a season full of joy and cheer. Depending on the industry you’re in, your workload may be heavy or almost nonexistent. Colleagues may be using up that last PTO so the office may seem like a ghost town, contacts or clients may be doing the same, and you get more out of office email responses than actual emails.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, this is a fantastic time to search for a new job. Many job seekers take a break from their search during the holiday season for many of the reasons mentioned above, or because they don’t think anyone will see their application during this time. While it depends on the company, most companies hire when they need new employees, regardless of the time of year.

Need more convincing? The Balance Careers has plenty reasons why you should keep searching for jobs during the holidays. Check out the full list here.

Employers Are Hiring

Regardless of the time of year it is, jobs are still available. Take a few minutes to browse various job boards (including our own) and you will find plenty of employers looking for new talent. It may seem like the world slows down during the holidays, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

More Networking Opportunities

One great thing about the holiday season is the numerous opportunities to connect and speak with others. Holiday office parties are a great time to connect with someone you don’t usually cross paths with, especially if you work for a large corporation and are looking for a new opportunity within the company. These gatherings can also be a slippery slope, so be sure to avoid any of these mistakes!

Less Competition for Open Jobs

A slower holiday season may mean more time to focus on hiring needs, so by taking a job search break during the holidays, you may miss out on some great opportunities. Additionally, holiday job seeking may mean less competition for jobs since many job seekers fall into the trap of not applying during this time.

Start the New Year with Salary Set

Getting a new job over the holidays means you can start the new year with expectations of what you will be earning as well as what your benefits will be. This helps with any financial planning you and your family conduct and can even provide a fresh outlook on the holiday season.

Wrap Up

It is no secret that the job search has drastically changed over the years. What used to be based on season, companies now hire when they need new employees, regardless of the time of year. As a result, you may miss out on opportunities by falling victim to the belief that hiring stops during the holiday season. For more reasons on why you should continue your job search during the holidays, read here.

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