Since the pandemic started in 2020, we’ve seen a rapid rise in the availability of remote jobs. But by early 2023, many companies would prefer to have their staff back in the office. Despite this, a FlexJobs survey found that 65% of respondents wish to remain full-time workers.

Remote work is still a priority for many job seekers thanks to the plethora of conveniences it can offer. The good news is that many thriving industries are still offering remote positions. In fact, CNBC’s Greg Iacurci believes that remote work can thrive even in a recession thanks to its ability to trim labor costs.

FlexJobs found seven industries still offering 100% remote positions. We review their findings and add some of our own insights to assist with your search.

Top industries to explore

  1. Nonprofit & Philanthropy
  2. Analyst
  3. Legal
  4. Medical & Health
  5. Communications
  6. Accounting & Finance
  7. Project Management

Some of the top remote job titles FlexJobs found include Accountant, Executive Assistant, Customer Service Representative, Senior Financial Analyst, Recruiter, Project Manager, Technical Writer, Product Marketing Manager, Customer Success Manager, and Graphic Designer.

Industry analysis

FlexJobs’ senior content manager Jessica Howington notes that many of these categories fall into the “knowledge economy” line, meaning they rely on information and ideas. Because of the ease of sharing information online, it makes sense that these types of industries would continue to do well remotely. Tools like Zoom make it easy to hold digital “face-to-face” meetings, and those in these types of roles can easily service a large area of clients remotely.

This means that tech-savvy industries will continue to excel in offering remote work.

“Many businesses have recognized the advantages of allowing their workers to work remotely, including greater productivity, cheaper overhead costs, and the potential to tap into a worldwide talent pool.” -Simera Talent

In addition to the above industries, Jessica also expects Computer &IT, Marketing, HR & Recruiting, and Customer service to do well for similar reasons.

Recession proofing

While these industries may offer the most remote options compared to their peers, how safe are these industries overall when it comes to the looming recession?

FlexJobs’ research found steady growth in many of these industries through 2022, and that should hold through 2023. Accounting & Finances saw a 31% growth, Nonprofit & Philanthropy 55%, Communications 39%, and Legal 33%, while Medical & Health also saw good growth. HR & Recruiting, Marketing, Computer & IT, and Product Management also saw steady growth.

This is consistent with what we’ve found in our previous look into the most recession-proof industries for 2023. While not all jobs on that list are totally remote, there is a massive overlap with Healthcare and Financial Services. Both industries see steady historical growth during recessions—healthcare is always a necessity, and uncertain financial times mean more people are seeking expert help and financial advice. These industries also heavily rely on quickly-advancing technology in order to thrive. This ultimately creates a nice overlap between being safe in a recession and being likely to be remote.

Career Sherpa’s Hannah Morgan made a special note regarding IT & Technology. Because technology is always moving forward, those jobs will remain in high demand for those with the right skills, and the nature of the work leads to many remote opportunities.

“IT experts have some of the best job security of any modern profession, especially with more and more of the world shifting to an online space. People had to rely on robust networks to communicate with family, shop for groceries, and work remote jobs.” -Hannah Morgan

Wrap up

While many organizations want to get workers back into the office, many recognize the benefits remote work can offer in the form of increased productivity, less wasted downtime, and a happier workforce. Hybrid systems are becoming the norm, blending the above benefits while still providing a physical space for collaboration, meetings, upskilling, and teamwork when needed. But fully remote jobs are still out there, especially if you’re willing to look into the aforementioned industries.

NexGoal works with many industry-leading clients in these sectors, who offer a host of available remote positions. Feel free to check out our job board or reach out to our team to see if there is something right for you!

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