ICYMI: How Not To Contact A Recruiter (Or anyone in a professional manner)

networkgraph3Points for following up after the networking event – immediately redacted…

A college student recently sent this follow-up e-mail to a recruiter that he had met at a networking event. After you’re done cringing, we have a few tips that we’ve gathered to help.

The Business Writing Blog offered a few tips to be memorable – and in a good way:

  • Mention the meeting and the conversation.
  • Refer to something specific that came up in the conversation, especially a mutual interest.
  • Suggest a way to continue the conversation.
  • Attach an article or include a link that will please the other person (not a hard-selling piece).
  • Mention a next step you will take.

Launching Lives has a short but sweet approach:

Subject Line:  Nice Meeting You At The (Networking Event)

Hi Bob,

It was a pleasure meeting you last night at the Marketing Mixer.  I really enjoyed talking to you about your passion for marketing and how you broke into the industry. I would like to take you up on your offer to pass along my resume and cover letter to the hiring manager, and I have attached them to this message.  I really appreciate your willingness to help.

Thank you,


If there is one thing to take away from that initial e-mail, its this: yes, network and build relationships. However, always be professional. Realize that the person you’re contacting (in this case a recruiter who will be putting their professional reputation on the line for you with a potential employer) needs to take you seriously. Emoticons can wait till later.

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