How To Answer “Why Should We Hire You?” In An Interview

Toward the end of an interview, you may be asked “Why should we hire you?” This seemingly simple question is actually quite complex, but a good answer can skyrocket you to the top of the shortlist.

This common question offers you the chance to leave a lasting impression and position yourself as the ideal candidate. Set yourself apart from other interviewees by answering with clarity, confidence, and conciseness, with a little help from these tips.

Show off your skills

The first key is to reiterate that you can do the job you’re interviewing and do it well. Answering every other question with thoughtful answers is good, but your ultimate goal is to prove that you’re the right person for this particular job, not just someone who interviews well.

Take this time to show how your skills and experiences fit the role and how you can apply them to this organization. Be sure to tie back to key points in the job description. But don’t go over every little detail again. Top Resume’s Natalia Autenrieth says that a common mistake interviewees make is getting too bogged down in the details. You likely discussed more in-depth points in other questions, and the interviewer has your resume.

Express your value

Beyond your skills, you need to express the value you’ll bring to this organization. Your skills and experience should show that you can do the job effectively, but you’re competing against other people with comparable skills. The better you can tailor those skills and experiences to this company, the more appealing you’ll be.

If you and the interviewer discussed specific challenges, projects, or goals, relate your skills to how you can use them for those. Highlight soft skills like what you can bring to a team environment. And most of all, try to find a way to tie back into that company’s unique culture. Even a role with the same job title can be radically different with different companies. Show not only why you’re the best at whatever your chosen job title is but why you’re the best one for them specifically.

“All you need to do is highlight how exactly you can assist the organisation in achieving its goals with your perfect set of skills and experience.” –Elma Davis, Medium

Express your interest

Even the most qualified, best culture-fit candidate can fail to win the job if they can’t convince the interviewer they really want the job. Hiring and training a new employee is expensive, and recruiters and hiring managers want to feel like a candidate is invested in the role long-term. Medium’s Elma Davis even says that many employers would choose to train an inexperienced but excited candidate over someone with a negative attitude. Even if you’re just viewing the role as temporary or you simply need it for the money (which is perfectly fine!) you still need to sound excited about the opportunity.

Forbes’ Jack Kelly says to provide details on why the job is important to you by connecting your experiences with the job description. This further shows that your skills and experiences are in alignment with this role.

“You should hire me because I am not only deeply passionate about the art of copywriting, but I also have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. Writing isn’t just a job for me — it’s my passion, my craft and my calling.” -example answer from Maria Correa, ResumeHelp

Show what sets you apart

If you’ve done your job right so far, you’ll have shown why your skills and experience are a fit for the role, how you can use those skills and experiences to directly help the organization, and expressed a clear interest in the role. This is a great setup, but the final key is to show why you are the best person for that job. What is it you have that truly separates you from other candidates? What’s your secret weapon?

The Muse’s Lily Zhang calls this your “bonus feature.” Anything that gives you a unique perspective or advantage should be brought up here. Whether you have any extra education or experience not directly tied to the role but is industry relevant, worked for that company in a different capacity, worked for a competitor, or have an outside interest in something else the company does, if you think it sets you apart in a positive way, be sure to highlight it.

“This component is your opportunity to make a memorable impression on the interviewer, ensuring that your candidacy stands out as not just competent but exceptional.” –Keren Boiman

Wrap up

This question is typically one of your last chances to really sell yourself in your interview. By showing what you bring to the table and how you can benefit that company, showing a sincere interest in the role, and reminding the interviewer what you uniquely can bring to the table in a concise and confident manner, you’ll quickly position yourself as a top choice for the role. For more sample answers, check out ResumeHelp’s advice.

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