How Job Seekers Can Stay Motivated During a Job Search

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As the calendar gets ready to turn to May, job seekers may find themselves with less of a desire to sit in front of a computer screen and apply for jobs with the nice weather outside—and who can blame them? Many of you are currently spending eight-plus hours at the office, the last thing you want to do is come home and sit in front of a computer screen for another few hours while it is beautiful outside.

At this point, many job seekers will be caught between a rock and a hard place. That new amazing career opportunity you have been seeking is not going to just show up at your door, but at the same time the great weather is not going to wait for you either. If only there was a way to balance both.

Luckily for the job seekers reading this article, we have come up with three ways you can stay motivated when it comes to your job search and still have time to enjoy the beautiful weather in the coming months.

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Develop a Job Seeking Plan

This was mentioned in our “Three for Thursday” article as an important trait of job seekers, so it is important to start here. Developing a plan of action when it comes to your job search is the most important way to stay motivated. If you set goals to meet each week when it comes to jobs applied for, people to network with and follow-ups to send after applying and interviewing, it will help you stay on task and reach your goal of a new career.

The best thing about developing your plan is the ability to schedule when you want to perform these tasks. Instead of heading over to the local fast food restaurant for lunch, pack a lunch and do some job searching on a personal device during your lunch break at work. Want to spend time after work enjoying the beautiful weather? Schedule 30 minutes before bed to apply for a few of the jobs you identified in your research during lunch.

Do you need to be applying and searching every single day? Absolutely not. But if you have a solid plan of action and goals you want to reach, it will help keep you motivated for your job search.

Ignore Employment Hiring Statistics and Reports

One of the biggest deterrents for a job seeker is rejection. The second biggest deterrent is turning on the local news and seeing some random report stating companies are not hiring at this time—because it is simply not the case.

If you have been doing your research and following your plan from above, you know there are plenty of jobs and opportunities out there for you to achieve the next career challenge. Cutting out the background noise was likely an important part of your routine as a former athlete, do the same when it comes to your job search.

Watch This Motivational Video

Raise your hand if you do not enjoy a good motivational video. Yeah, that’s what I thought—nobody raised their hand, because in the era of YouTube and Vine, we all love a good motivational video.

Your motivational video this week is courtesy of the University of Connecticut’s Center for Career Development, and UConn poet Zachary Johnson. Though you are not a student at UConn, this video has a lot of good suggestions to get you ready to attack your job search like a pro.

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