Five Monday Motivation Quotes to Jump Start Your Week


If you are anything like me, you probably spend way more time on social media than you should. For those of you who pay attention to the hashtags themed to a specific day of the week, Monday Motivation is always a popular one to get your week started—as it is always among the top trends (nearly 90,000 tweets as of the writing of this article) each and every Monday.

Though some posts may be cliché to some, there are people out there who really get into the Monday Motivation scene. Since I am one of those people, I felt a good way to help you get your week started would be to share my favorite five from Twitter.

If you feel like I missed one you really like, feel free to tweet them @NexGoal and we will make sure to include your most motivational posts in next week’s article!

Branson, one of the most successful in business in the world, shows a mindset of everything just being part of living. Work and play are not separate entities, they are part of his life.

Kobe Bryant recently retired from the NBA and has a few words to say on how he will move to his next passion.

In the first of two Bennett posts from the day, adversity is something we all will deal with. You just have to be able to dig out.

Growing up, we are often taught to weigh risks in order to determine if they are worth it. For some, this causes us to not take risks at all…which is the root of this quote. You fail everything you do not try.

Going back to Bennett for the final quote, you cannot achieve your dreams if you do not try to achieve them. This is pretty simple and applies to everyone.

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