The job search is not something that people particularly enjoy, regardless of where you’re at in your career. Whether you have been laid off or are just in search of a change of scenery, finding a new job can be a daunting and arduous process. Thanks to technology, finding a job across town or across the country is easier than ever. That said, landing those jobs may also be more difficult than ever.

After finetuning your cover letter and resume and finally hitting “submit application,” the nerve-wracking waiting process begins. This may be worse than the job search and application process themselves! If you’re one of the lucky ones to make it through to the interview stage, take pride in “beating” the ATS. More often than not it seems like today’s digital job application process we get lost in the shuffle, which could lead to getting “ghosted.”

Waiting to hear back about your interview, or even just your application status in general, can be a trying time. The logical move would be to follow up, but even then, there is a delicate balance between persistence and annoyance. So begins the dance between applicant and employer.

If you have found yourself playing this waiting game, you’re not alone. In order to ease your anxiety and constant checking of your emails, there are some tips you should consider according to job experts Elizabeth Atcheson and Alexandra E. Dickson. In an article by Weng Cheong, she highlights these tips.

It’s Not About You

When you’re unemployed and looking for a job, it is all too easy to get immersed in the job search. Many people identify with their jobs, and without one, the question becomes “Who am I?” It has been said that looking for a job is a full-time job in itself, but in order to ease your anxiety during this time, it is important to learn how to separate from the job search.

According to Atcheson, “Job seekers wake up in the morning thinking about their job search. Every time you hear the ‘bing’ coming from your email inbox, you think it might be them. But…that recruiter probably has many things going on at the same time.”

While easier said than done, putting yourself in the shoes of the recruiter/hiring manager for the role is a way to realize that the reason you’re hearing back isn’t personal. Even if the hiring timeline, or timeline for when you should expect to hear back, has passed, it likely is not intentional. This is when a timely follow-up and reach out is appropriate.

All things considered, waiting to hear back from a company regarding your hiring status does indeed have an affect on your personal life, but from the company’s side hiring the right candidate is not a dig at you. They want to make the right hire the first time.

Take Care of Yourself

How do you practice self-care? Is it going to the gym for a workout or yoga? Maybe meditation or grabbing drinks with your friends. What ever you find that helps you unwind or relieve stress can help distract you from the job search, even for a little while. It is important to remember that finding a job takes time and the process will be much more tolerable with a positive outlook.

Keep Up the Momentum

Even if you encounter more “no’s” than “yeses,” at least you are hearing back in one way or another. While these denials might feel like a step backwards, they aren’t. As Dickinson says, “Whatever you do, do not stop moving forward.”

A lot of the job search has to do with timing; contacting the right people at the right time, finding the right opportunity, and being in the right place both in your personal life and career. By keeping a positive attitude and “getting back on the horse” after getting denied from a job can make all the difference in your search. Even if you thought you crushed your interview and put all your eggs in that basket only to get denied, you have to brush it off and keep going. The worst thing you can do is halt your momentum and come to a stop.

Finding the motivation and realizing that you will find a job is of upmost importance. Try to keep a positive outlook, surround yourself with a quality support system and consider these tips to ease your anxiety while waiting to hear back.

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