Career Lessons From The 2023 Masters Tournament

The beginning of spring not only means warm weather is finally arriving but also one of the most exciting events in professional sports—the Masters Tournament.

One of the four major events in professional golf, the Masters is an iconic tournament where legends are made at the iconic Augusta National Golf Club. Each individual storyline at the Masters is fascinating in its own way, and we can take many lessons from the pros for our own life. If you’re looking to advance your career, take these cues from golf’s most iconic event!

Consistency is key

Masters’ Sunday gets most of the hype since it’s the culmination of the event, but all four days matter. A consistent approach all four days is key to winning the tournament, and we need to be consistent in our own lives.

Victor Hovland made the news on Masters’ Thursday thanks to his dominant start and eye-popping shirt, but Hovland wasn’t able to keep the lead. Each day, he played a little worse, ultimately finishing at -6 and tied for seventh overall.

While it’s important to start strong, you need to put in the same work day after day in your career. Find out what works and doesn’t work early on and find a sustainable method to success. With practice and effort, you’ll outlast the competition.

Never count yourself out

At some point in your career, you’ll apply for a job with strict requirements, accept a challenging project, or add a new skill set to your repertoire. This may be intimidating, and you might think you can’t handle it. But give yourself a shot, and you may be surprised by the results.

Sam Bennett, a college amateur, shocked the patrons at Augusta. It’s hard enough to earn the right to play at the Masters, but it’s even more impressive to make the tournament as an amateur and keep climbing up the leaderboard. Bennett finished tied for sixth on Day 1 of the tournament, tying with 2022 winner Scottie Scheffler. Bennett went on to finish tied for 16th through the weekend, a phenomenal finish for an amateur. Bennett had an incredible first showing and shows that even a newcomer can keep up with legends.

We all have to start somewhere. It’s easy to get discouraged by new challenges in our careers. But never count yourself out. You too could end up impressing your bosses early on.

Perseverance pays off

Even if you’re a career veteran, you may face setbacks in your career. We all face different challenges and have different strengths and weaknesses. Stay resilient and believe in your capabilities even when things look grim.

“Look, I’ve been around the game long enough to know what to do in these situations. So it’s just kind of take the rough with the smooth and just go out there and do as best you can when you are out there.” -Shane Lowry

Jon Rahm, a favorite to win the tournament, had a disastrous first hole on Thursday. Rahm had a six on the first Par 4, including four put attempts. Yet Rahm stayed true to himself and recovered, finishing tied for second on the second day. Rahm had a short memory after that first step back and gained ground and never looked back. Rahm continued to persevere, and on Sunday, he emerged as the tournament champion, winning his first Masters.

Like Rahm, we can’t get hung up on small failures. The best athletes have a short memory after a setback. Learn from them and attack the next obstacle with tenacity, and you too can take strides in your career.

Be prepared for anything

Augusta National is a beautiful course. The broadcast will show the beautiful flora and the start of spring offers new beginnings.

But the weather wasn’t kind through the weekend. Both Friday and Saturday were delayed due to inclement weather. On Friday, trees fell due to the strong winds.

Yet the tournament had to go on, and those running that tournament were prepared. They made the correct design to postpone the rounds and organized new start times and pairings each day. This made for a long Saturday and Sunday, but the tournament finished strong.

Things will inevitably go wrong in your career, whether it’s not getting a job you want, a project failing, or some other setback. Be prepared for anything by doing your research, creating contingency plans, and learning how to pivot. By being prepared, you can weather any storm, literal or metaphorical.

​​”If there’s a word any golfer has to be, it’s adaptable.” –Jon Rahm

Wrap up

This year’s tournament was an exciting one as we saw old winners succeed, new players starting a strong career, a first-time champion earning the coveted green jacket, and the tournament runners keeping things moving in the face of bad weather. Our own careers might be vastly different, but we can learn valuable lessons from our favorite players. Embrace these winning mindsets and attack any obstacle in your way like a pro!

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