The World Cup is the largest global event in the sporting world, and every four years, millions watch to see how their country fares against the best competition on the planet. Argentina, led by the legendary Lionel Messi, took the FIFA World Cup Trophy home this year.

Argentina showed how to excel on the world’s biggest stage, but you don’t need to be a pro athlete to find some valuable takeaways for your own career. If you’re looking to achieve new career goals, take these lessons from the pros and become a champion in your chosen field!

Lead by example

Whether you’re a star player, team captain, manager, or leading a project, leadership is important. And the best leaders are those that lift up their team and lead by example.

LinkedIn’s Aaron Toumazou shared 10 career lessons learned from superstar Lionel Messi. Messi’s leadership works because he himself follows every lesson he instills in his team. Messi sets a high standard and constantly works to improve himself while always holding himself accountable. He also constantly exudes confidence to create a culture of it.

By showing his team he’s willing to put in the work and create a culture of winning, he fosters a sense of community and positivity in the locker room. His teammates know they can rely on him. We may not play the same game, but we can all learn from Messi’s leadership.

Teamwork is key

In any sport, even if you have a superstar, you can’t achieve success alone. Even solo sport athletes need coaches and other allies. To be the best, you need to learn how to put your ego aside and be a team player.

Team foundit reminds us that every member of a team has a different skill set, and those skills must work in harmony for the success of the team. Messi might be one of the greatest athletes in sports, but he can’t do everything alone. In business, we all have strengths and weaknesses, and a good team player will know how to work with others for the success of the project.

“When working on a team project, involve each member as much as possible, and get their help when needed.” –Team foundit

Refine your strategy

In a game of Xs and Os, your strategy and scheme must evolve to stay on top of the game and to compete at a high level. Even if you aren’t in direct competition, it always pays to take time to evaluate your process and see what you can do better.

Online Manipal’s Editorial Team shows that Spain has been disappointing in recent seasons thanks to their reliance on a short pass technique. This was a big reason the team had an early exit in 2022. By refusing to adapt as needed, a team is doomed to poor results.

Make growth a priority by constantly reviewing your performance with regular feedback. assessments, and performance reviews. Even teams that are consistently winning know to keep evolving.

Don’t throw in the towel early

There’s a reason sports games are played out and don’t end early for “mercy” rules. Recently in the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings were down 33-0 at halftime to the Indianapolis Colts. But the team rallied and came back with a thrilling 39-36 victory in overtime, the largest comeback in NFL history. Just because you don’t find early results doesn’t mean they won’t come, and perseverance is one of the most crucial keys to success.

Career coach Mei Phing stressed that the most important part of starting a new career is in the first 90 days when you can learn about company culture and practices. You might fail in those early days, but it’s a valuable time for growth, and you’ll be impressed with how far you can go if you keep working.

Make the most out of bad calls

In sports, there can only be one winning team. Even most hopefuls usually go home in defeat. Sometimes that defeat is due to outside sources you could never have prepared for or predicted. But there are lessons to be learned in defeat, and we can use those lessons to come back stronger.

Liquid Planner mentions lousy calls by the refs and unfortunate injuries as things that happen to every team. Even the most well-prepared teams can’t prevent those. In our own lives, we’ll always face setbacks and failure. But the best teams are those that can grow and adapt, and you can emulate this in your own work. Try to find a silver lining or a lesson and incorporate it moving forward.

“Flexibility in the face of change and resilience in the face of confusion are non-negotiable. Push through the discomfort and prepare yourself for anything.” –Liquid Planner

Wrap up

The World Cup is one of the most widely-celebrated events in sports and brings so many people together. But beyond the obvious entertainment, we can learn valuable lessons from the best of the best that we can incorporate into our own life. Our jobs might be wildly different from our favorite players, but their mindsets are worth emulating in any career!

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