4 Lessons Athletes Can Carry into the Business World

At NexGoal, we choose to tap into the network of former athletes because of the highly transferable skills they’ve acquired throughout their athletic tenure. Whether they competed on a professional, collegiate, or high school level, these athletes understand what it takes to succeed. Employers want to fill their organization with employees possessing these high character traits. Knowing how to thrive individually and as a team, and having hard work and dedication ingrained in their DNA, athletes today have a real competitive edge when entering the business world.

Perseverance & Competitive Drive

Athletes are continually facing new challenges, but much to their chagrin, it’s impossible to win them all. Despite this, they are built to overcome losses to tough competition and still find ways to improve when they are on the winning side. Under demoralizing circumstances, athletes maintain a high level of intensity and determination they believe will pay off. What others may view as a setback, the tenacious athlete will consider as a new obstacle to overcome. To avoid getting discouraged, setting immediate, manageable steps is vital.

Former Green Bay Packer Tony Moll credits his athletic background for their’ roll with the punches’ business model, “making audibles left and right.” Discover how Moll turned his winery hobby into a successful business venture through the lessons he learned on the football field. 

Optimism & Confidence

Athletes believe in their abilities to produce significant results, especially under pressure or when the odds are stacked against them. Basketball legend Michael Jordan never distressed over missed opportunities but instead focused on performing his best in the present moment. 

           “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.” -Michael Jordan

While there needs to be a balance between optimism and realistic goals, athletes will certainly not lack confidence and will provide the ‘self-starter’ mentality your organization covets. Inclined to accepting constructive criticism, their tenacity and hopefulness allows them to quickly correct course and prove their worth in the next presented opportunity. 

Leadership & Communication

An athlete’s qualities often place them in a natural leadership position as their work ethic and confidence begin to set the standard for other employees. Knowing the power of being a unified team versus being a group, athlete employees promote team chemistry and consistent communication. They are energizing, organized, and resourceful when it comes to their job performance, and therefore serve as natural motivators in the office. Even the more reserved athletes are used to believing in their abilities and therefore lead by their actions when the words are not enough.

Preparation & Consistency

Athletes operate under a goal-oriented, disciplined business approach that ensues consistent job performance and refined skills. Through intense preparation and a commitment to learning, the athlete’s strategic mindset keeps them relevant in a competitive market. Athletes don’t believe in such a thing as over-preparing, and having knowledgeable employees means having powerful employees. 

Throughout their athletic career, they have grown accustomed to balancing their commitments to academics, training, and family and friends their entire lives. Through effective time management and intense focus, athletes can concentrate their energy on the task-at-hand and keep their priorities’ in-check’ to be successful.

Wrap Up

If you are actively seeking quality employees for your organization who you can feel confident relying on, get in contact with us today to discover how we can work together! We utilize industry-leading technology and our pipeline of candidates to find your ideal employee. 

“What impressed me about NexGoal was the time they spent up front, understanding the core competencies required for our roles. We receive candidates that have the intangible winning qualities like hunger, drive, and passion.” -Bret Anderson, Millennium Labs.

If you are a former or current athlete, we hope this article helped you uncover your potential for your post-athletic career and how the skills you’ve acquired can transfer into the business world. Find confidence in how these desirable traits can make up for other areas your resume may lack.

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