3 Reasons Why NexGoal is Your Choice for Recruiting

The word “recruiter” has earned a negative connotation as the years have gone in the hiring community. Job seekers seem to be turned off when they find out the job they want to apply for is through a recruiter, and hiring professionals hit delete on emails when recruiters reach out to them with a potential candidate for their jobs.

Just like in any business, there are good and bad sides of those who are in it. However when it comes to recruiting, it seems like you only hear the negative experiences. What you may not know, is that there are recruiting companies out there who actually care about aligning their candidates with a job or career that is a good fit for them—and not just earning their next commission check.

Part of that last sentence is the key to this article. “There are recruiting companies out there who actually care about aligning their candidates with a job or career that is a good fit for them.”

We have all dealt with the recruiting companies who seemingly leave message after message on the phones of job seekers, or send unqualified candidates to companies and waste the hiring manager’s time. That is the opposite of the approach here at NexGoal—and one of the reasons why I left the B2B medical realm to embark on my endeavor with the team here.

No, I am not a recruiter. In fact, I am the person who sends you the fantastic emails, schedules those informative social posts and writes the majority of the content for the NexGoal website. However, NexGoal’s senior management team was very thorough with me throughout the interview process—which is one of the many reasons why I joined the team here.

In fact, in an interview with NexGoal COO Brad Mullins, he outlined three very important reasons why hiring professionals should be using recruiters like NexGoal.

Dedication to Finding the Right Candidates

One of the first questions I asked Mullins was, “Why should a company work with a recruiting company to fill their open positions.” I felt this was a good place to start, because like many job seekers I usually went around the recruiters and directly to the company—it just seemed easier. However, his response made me think I could have been doing it all wrong.

Mullins stated, “NexGoal dedicates resources and time to finding the right candidates. Our unique model of working with former college and professional athletes brings ‘A’ talent candidates to fill a variety of positions. Our staff consists of former athletes that have been highly trained in identifying the right candidates. Our thorough screening process associated with the attributes of a former athletes identifies outstanding candidates.”

There is a lot of information about the NexGoal process in that quote, but the main thing that stood out to me was that the good recruiters take the time to vet a candidate before even sending them to a hiring manager they are working with. If I owned a business and was focusing on growing it and expanding my reach in whatever market I was in, I would not want to waste my time sifting through resumes and cover letters—I would want someone to know my culture and present me with the top candidates to fit that culture—and that is exactly what NexGoal does for their clients.

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How to Identify These Candidates

Most people think recruiting is just a game of sending out open jobs to major job boards, getting people to fill out applications and forwarding them over to clients. But that could not be further from the truth—I have witnessed this first-hand. So it made me ask Mullins, “How does NexGoal identify candidates for open positions?”

“We ultimately seek passive candidates,” said Mullins. “This means they are already employed and have expressed an interest in speaking with the recruiter. We don’t just rely on job boards to fill positions. Our unique database and network of former college and professional athletes allows us to reach the hard to find candidates.”

The NexGoal approach makes sense because it is exactly how they attracted me. So when you are wondering if a company uses the same model they preach to potential clients, I can answer that question with a firm yes.

Candidate Recruiting
Recruiting is all about finding that candidate that stands out from the crowd.

What Happens if a Candidate Does Not Work Out

This is one of the biggest questions you see out there in terms of concerns from companies who use recruiters. So I acted as the client and asked Mullins, “What happens if the candidate NexGoal places with my company does not work out?”

Mullins responded, “NexGoal recognizes the cost associated with making a ‘bad hire.’ We are very confident in identifying and sourcing the right talent in our unique niche in recruiting. Our contract states that NexGoal will replace the candidate at ‘no cost” to the employer. The guarantee is based on contract terms and can range from 60 to 180 days from the start date based on fees.”

First off, kudos to Mullins for calling out the cost associated with making a bad hire. It was something our content team really focused on a few weeks ago, because the numbers were staggering. If you did not receive that email, or maybe it got lost in the 100s of emails you get per day, let me break it down for you really quick.

• 50% of hiring professionals have felt a negative impact on their company from poor fits
• 27% of those hiring professionals reported the cost of ONE bad hire being more than $50,000

As you can see, bad hires cost your company valuable time and money—but NexGoal is guaranteeing their work during the time period that was mentioned above. To me, that is a game-changer when it comes to making a hire, because if something goes wrong with the candidate that is placed, NexGoal will do the work to make sure the position is again filled with a highly-qualified candidate.

At the end of the day, NexGoal’s model and approach to recruiting stands out from all of the recruiters I have dealt with in my professional life. If you are a company that values not wasting your precious time on hiring the wrong candidates, wants to attract highly-qualified candidates into your organization and understands the value former athletes can add to your team—then you need to set up a meeting with Brad Mullins and the NexGoal team to see what they offer for yourself.

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