In our last blog we discussed the importance of preparing yourself for life after graduation. Part of that process includes choosing an industry and career that not only suit your skill sets and interests, but also shows growth potential and earnings potential. So what industries and careers are hot right now? At NexGoal we specialize in placing our candidates into sales related positions, so the contents of this article will focus on the hottest careers in sales. However, if sales aren’t your cup of tea the industries discussed below in general are all showing growth and earnings potential regardless of the specific professions we discuss.

Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives

What they do: (

• Identify prospective customers by using business directories, follow leads from existing clients, and attend trade shows and conferences
• Contact new and existing customers to discuss their needs and to explain how specific products and services can meet these needs
• Help customers select products based on the customers’ needs, product specifications, and regulations
• Emphasize product features based on analyses of customers’ needs and on technical knowledge of product capabilities and limitations
• Answer customers’ questions about prices, availability, and product uses
• Negotiate prices and terms of sale and service agreements
• Prepare sales contracts and submit orders for processing
• Collaborate with colleagues to exchange information, such as selling strategies and marketing information
• Follow up with customers to make sure they are satisfied with their purchases and to answer any questions or concerns

Why become one?

Where some sales positions require time and dedication to learning the specs of pieces of technology, Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives spend less time learning about their product and more time maintaining and soliciting accounts for their product. This is a great career for people who have an interest in business development and customer relationship management. BLS has this field growing 9% by the year 2022 with the biggest growth coming from independent sales agencies. Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales is also a lucrative career with the average median salary being $74,970, with the top 10% earning more than $147,320 per year. Another benefit to this career is the fact that a college degree is not necessarily required depending on how technical the product is that the company is trying to sell. If you are not technology savvy but have fantastic communication skills, this career would be an excellent choice.

Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents

What they do: (according to

• Contact prospective clients to present information and explain available services
• Offer advice on the purchase or sale of particular securities
• Buy and sell securities, such as stocks and bonds
• Buy and sell commodities, such as corn, oil, and gold
• Monitor financial markets and the performance of individual securities
• Analyze company finances to provide recommendations for public offerings, mergers, and acquisitions
• Evaluate cost and revenue of agreements

Why become one?

The growth of the economy both domestically and internationally means that more and more businesses will be acquiring the services of sales agents to analyze their finances and monitor financial markets. Currently the growth rate for this field is 11% through the year 2022, but this could increase as other countries grow their economy and contribute to employment growth in the financial industries. Perhaps the biggest advantage of becoming a Financial Services Sales Agent is the earnings potential. The median pay of someone in this field is $71,720, with the top 10% earning more than $187,200. High earnings potential and expected growth makes this career an ideal fit for someone with a background in finance.

Sales Engineer

What they do: (

• Prepare and deliver technical presentations explaining products or services to customers and prospective customers
• Confer with customers and engineers to assess equipment needs and to determine system requirements
• Collaborate with sales teams to understand customer requirements and provide sales support
• Secure and renew orders and arrange delivery
• Plan and modify products to meet customer needs
• Help clients solve problems with installed equipment
• Recommend improved materials or machinery to customers, showing how changes will lower costs or increase production
• Help in researching and developing new products

Why become one?

The answer to this one is simple: technology. Technology is constantly growing and changing and companies need people who have good communication skills as well as comprehensive knowledge of the often complicated products they are trying to sell. Though the Bureau Labor of Statistics has this job field only growing by 9% through 2022, it is to be expected that this number will increase as more technology based start-up companies enter the market. The average median salary for a Sales Engineer is $91,830, with the top 10% earning more than $150,970. These salary totals are well above average for sales related positions. Technology will only continue to grow and diversify which creates very favorable conditions for Sales Engineers.

I myself having either worked positions similar to these sales professions or helped place candidates into similar fields can attest to the immense opportunity that each possesses. If you feel you have the skill set to fit into one of these careers it would be a fantastic idea to use a recruiting company like NexGoal. All of these industries are fast growing and highly competitive. We specialize in exploiting your strongest skill sets to the client which will help give you a leg up on the competition.


So if you are just beginning your career or are looking for a more lucrative opportunity, look for job postings related to these sales careers!

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